The Instance #41: We have a date! (1 Comment)


1. Big News of the Week: Burning Crusade will be in stores nationwide starting on January 16, 2007. For further details, please view their latest press release here. There is a new site I came across called Warcraft Social that I can only describe as a Warcraft version of MySpace. Everyone knows I am not a fan of the Blizzard Downloader, well they are once again testing the Background Downloader. I just want a direct download link from Blizzard. I guess Fileplanet and other sites will have to do.

2. Rumors & Scuttlebutt: Not much really going on but a listener by the name of TIM sent us a doozy of a brain wiggler. Check it out below…

As I understand it… Gems acquired for JewelCrafting come from Ore veins by chance. I see a slight problem with this as you already have 2 Professions tapping that resource and to add another farming the same resourse will make the price of Ore in the AH rise. Would it not make more sense to have gems come from mineral deposits or jewel veins? Or am I smoking crack? All the JewelCrafters will be hitting the Ore veins to get gems but they won’t just give the ore away nor will they use all of the ore for their profession.

3. Drop of the Week: We got multiple emails about being able to now get WOW totally as a direct digital download from either Blizzard or Fileplanet’s Direct2Drive site. From Blizzard basically when you have a trial account, you simply go to Account Management on the Offical WOW site, and it should prompt you right off the bat to upgrade your account to a full membership. It’s $20 or so, and it even comes with the free month. You can also purchase the client online via Fileplanet’s Direct2Drive too. DARKPATH who is a qualified Alt-aholic sent us a cool site he came across when searching for leveling guides. It is called WOWPro and the guides are well structured and divided by level range, and they have both Horde and Alliance. We also got called out by MIKE for forgetting another great WOW UI resource available on the net, called WOWInterface. Next up we hear from KHALED that The Instance has now been added to the WOWWiki. I hope the Instance Community will feel free to keep it updated. Finally, we get another stunning piece of Machinima from a studio called Sleeping Dogs Productions. Be sure to check out “The Island: Mercy of the Sea.”

4. Town Cryer: We want to thank all the Instance fans for the EPIC amount of mail we receive. Got some WOW info? Have a questions/info/tips for us then send them in by emailing at…

Additional show content provided by Randydeluxe, Shawn Basic, Patrick and the outstanding Instance Community.

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  1. Hey, guys what up, I’m decently new to your podcast. Great stuff keep it up. Hey and what do you know, first post baby!