The Instance #182 – “It’s Pronounced Throatwobbler Mangrove”

Big News Of The Week

3.3.3 Is Like Saying The Same Thing Repeatedly

It went live to the world on Tuesday, and while it may not have had a name and accompanying video, patch 3.3.3 shook up the World Of Warcraft in so many key areas that we don’t have time to talk about them all.

Blizzcon Is Like, Only Seven Months Away

They surprised us with the official announcement just this morning that the now-annual mecca for WoW players will occur again in October, specifically on Oct. 23 and 24 of this year.

Rumors And Scuttlebutt

Community College Is Like Outland

Clearly defined goals and fair, incremental rewards are two game design techniques that could motivate the ‘gamer generation’ in the workforce, according to one US academic. Lee Sheldon of the Indiana University believes managers may have to rethink how they engage the next generation entering the mainstream workforce. He’s a gamer, game designer and assistant professor at the university’s department of telecommunications. He said “As the gamer generation moves into the mainstream workforce, they are willing and eager to apply the culture and learning techniques they bring with them from games.”

Guys Like Girls, And Girls Like Money

At least, that’s what we’ve heard. The widespread belief that there are no girls on the Internet is taking a turn down a dark alley this week, as a new social service called GameCrush launched with the hope that all you guys are willing to pay for the opportunity to play with girls.

Town Cryer

Holmespally from the Quel’dorei server writes: I’ve gotten most of my epic gear via pvp rewards. I know it’s not ideal for pve, but would you guys consider this gear okay for randoms?

Drop Of The Week

Getting Together With Nerds Is Like Nerdtacular!

Tickets went on sale this week for the annual Nerdtacular, this fun little event I’ve been putting on for the last few years, and this year is going to be our biggest Nerdtacular yet! It’s all going down May 8, just six weeks from now, in Salt Lake City, where we’re going to be filling a big movie theater and watching Iron Man 2 on the weekend of it’s huge release, gathering together to meet and greet, and partying the day away nerd-style.

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14 thoughts on “The Instance #182 – “It’s Pronounced Throatwobbler Mangrove”

  1. Just tried to listen to this podcast when it came up in my RSS feed, but its only 18 min???

  2. Randy,

    One way you could reach 10,000 more quickly would be to follow more people back. Keep up the good work otherwise! ☺

    This tactic might work for Scott and the Instance Show twitterfeeds as well. You could then use TweetDeck or similar client to then group those you follow back to avoid overload.

    Your loyal fan,

    Boyd R. Jones

  3. call me what you want, I’m gonna make a profile on this game crush site

    isn’t that every gamers dream? to get paid to play ? :p

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  5. You’re not payed to play, you’re paid to talk dirty and keep the boys wanting to talk to you. You’re making money by playing a hot fantasy. If you want to own your sleaze, fine, but it reflects on all of us in the end. Thanks for the stigma.

  6. oh geez don’t get all serious and self righteous, it was more of a joke than anything. I have a fiance who would definitely not approve of me participating lol. But I ‘d wager the idea passes through the mind, maybe even just for a split second, of any girl reading about such a service. The idea is probably more appealing than the reality for sure, though I would put this more in the “hostess” section (like in a Japanese hostess club) than in “prostitute.” They’re paying for an enjoyable flirty evening with a pretty girl, not a wam bam thank ya mam kinda night.

  7. @ ducky – the stigma exists for a reason and not because there are girls willing to play for money. If there wasn’t a demand it wouldn’t fly and if there isn’t a demand it will fail. But realistically the net has no borders and when you have countries with vending machines for girls panties, this will be a hit there.

    I don’t quite get how anyone can consider this prostitution. Maybe cyber/phone 900 # level or sleaze, but far from prostitution.

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  9. woot, thankyou! I finally came to a site where the webmaster knows what they’re talking about. Do you know how many results are in Google when I search.. too many! It’s so annoying having to go from page after page after page, wasting my day away with thousands of people just copying eachother’s articles… bah. Anyway, thankyou very much for the info anyway, much appreciated.

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