The Instance #190 – One Naked Wolf Lady Coming Right Up

Big News Of The Week

Money Money Money Money. Money!

In two mostly unrelated moves this week, Blizzard announced the upcoming sale of tickets for Blizzcon 2010, and they released the beta version of their long-rumored remote auction house application. The tickets are going to cost you $150 each, while the auction house application is going to cost you $150 over a period of about 4.2 years.

Rumors And Scuttlebutt

Blizzard Is Taking AVR Out!

Over on the UI And Macros forum, Blizzard Community Manager Bashiok called out his opponent for the world championship: The relatively new mod AVR. Bashiok said

“This is a notice that we’re making changes in 3.3.5 in attempts to break the ability for the AVR (Augmented Virtual Reality) mod to continue functioning. For those unaware, this mod allows players to draw in the 3D space of the game world, which can then be shared with others who are also using the mod. In some cases this manifests itself through drawing/tagging/defacing the game world, but more popularly is used to give visual guides for dungeon and raid encounters.”

Town Cryer

Cassi C. writes: I have a tight raid schedule and real life schedule and sometimes they overlap each other without warning. For example: I am a student still and things such as reports, projects, and work in general come up without warning along with a raid that i signed up for earlier. I cant decide what to do! Do i blow off the raid to do my work or do i wait till late at night to start/do my work? If i blow off the raid then i have a chance to get screamed at or kicked from guild or even uninvited from raids, however, if i delay my work i could get a bad grade and be screamed at, yet again.

Cataclysmic Drop Of The Week

Five Big Dungeons For You

It’s time to start working on something that is going to take some coordination to pull off before Cataclysm, and that is the Classic Raider achievement.

Additional show content provided by Darrell the Tipgiver, Steve “Buxley” Pietrowicz, James “Acuzod” Jefferies and the outstanding Instance Community.

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43 thoughts on “The Instance #190 – One Naked Wolf Lady Coming Right Up

  1. a few things to note as I was listening to this episode while at the gym:
    1) the Mobile WoW Armory and Authenticator can be tied together if they are on the same mobile device. I have them both on my iPad and all I ahve to do is just log into my WoW account and when I do any sort of transactions within the auction house then it will ask if I want to use the authenticator app that is detected on my device.
    2) as of Friday afternoon, the beta was open to all US realms. I actually was sitting at a Happy Hour that had a wifi connection collecting the funds from auctions I had put up a couple of days prior as well as relist some items that didn’t sell.
    3) if you are in-game on your main and you are wanting to check some things on your bank alt, you are unable to do so. Found this out the hard way yesterday when I was in the middle of a raid… after a wipe and we were all getting back together I had the app open and went to toss some flasks up on the AH. It denied me access because I was in-game already even though I was on a separate toon. Only way you could do it is if you have separate accounts.

    That’s about it on my end. But did want to add one comment on the female worgen shots that were released this week… this is definitely going to bring more people from the furry community to WoW I think. And the cosplay will be interesting too.

  2. Did anyone ever figure out the name of the song that was played just before Town Cryer on Episode # 187. Please (anybody) reply. Thanks in advance!

  3. For some reason I’ve always thought Henry was a gorilla, but I have no idea where that idea has come from. I only realized my mistake in todays episode, when you said “and there’s a rideable Henry in ZG.” I thought: “Wait what? There isn’t a rideable gorilla in the game is there?” A quick google search of “Obey Henry” revealed my mistake.

  4. I’m still not quite so sure about the security measures being placed in this mobile auction hype. It’s still too early for one to say that the gold-farmers can’t use this to their advantage, and yet Blizzard tells us in game – “We don’t have the management to take care of everyone’s problems, but rest assured your problem will be addressed in the order it was received.” Wait, what? Doesn’t that sound a lot like when I’m calling Seattle Metro to figure out what happened to my bus being late or not showing up at all. “We’ll be with you in the order in which you were received.” (ugh) Do I personally feel that this will ruin the game? Not so much, but I do believe some folks who had their heart/mind set on a particular item(s) only to log in later that day, may find that it’s gone due to someone using the mobile application to out-buy it before you.

    Oh btw the Cata Beta – Awesome!

  5. This has probably been mentioned already, but I’m listening to episode #190 (You guys have a great show btw, favorite WoW podcast) andd you had a caller ask about the world map for Azeroth. You stated we’ve only ever been shown a flat square map. I would have to disagree because in the WotLK dungeon the Halls of Lightning, there is a globe that looks like it is Azeroth.

    I can’t take credit for this picture, just found it and re-hosted it on imageshack.

  6. RE – the mobile auction system…
    I’m not concerned about this at all. Yes, it will give “some” people an advantage over those of us who can’t spend every waking moment on WOW. But you know what? At $3 bucks a month, they can have it. If there is something on the AH that I want, I’ll buy it. Anytime I “bid” on something, it’s usually a just-for-fun-lets-see-if-this-wins bid.

    I buy Blizz games, I pay my monthly WOW fee, but I’ll be skipping this altogether.

  7. You mentioned ways to make fishing better on the show and an idea popped into my head. Why not add recipes for fishing lures? Certain lures are used to catch certain types of fish. They are already doing this with cooking, first aid, etc. The lure might not always catch the specific fish for which it is intended, but it increases the likelihood you will catch a specific type of fish. They can be good for a random number of castings within a given range, before they are fouled and lost requiring you to make another lure. Just a thought.

  8. I’m with you … all my chars are males … all named Zarick like


    What about yours?

  9. hmm i guess my worry is that people with multiple accounts would use the mobile auction thing to bid up their own items. OTOH, my other guess is that most transactions are buyouts anyway.

  10. Remember when you guys talked about warcraft instead of starcraft? those were the days!

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  13. I cannot find the site for the parodies that you mentioned in #190. I thought you said, but I couldn’t find that anywhere. Tried multiple spellings too. You also said you would put a like to Mr. Bill Dean in the show notes, but I don’t see it there either. Can I get a link? I love that guys work. Especially the rogue one to the Beastie Boys song.


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  16. Randy what was the name of the mod you use the replaces both omen & recount?

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  18. You know, quickfire questions is suffering from a lack of frantic background music. When the segment started it was very frantic and served to make it hard for you guys to take your time. Since then, it has become slow and lazy, which makes the questions seem slow and lazy. So pep it up already!!!

  19. Just wanted to say we did BWL the other day with my guildies. 5 people, no problems.

  20. Love the show! Regarding the Azeroth is like cheese comment. I thought I saw a floating global of Azeroth in ulduar right before algaon (opposite of the iron council). Love the show

  21. Hi Guys, I discovered your podcast a couple of weeks ago and now I’m a huge fan (although being from the UK I don’t always ‘get’ the references).

    The mobile auction app is now on beta in the UK and I’ve discovered something that will probably provoke debate. You can list in the neutral auction houses without travelling to them! This gives a nice advantage to people playing the auction if they pay for the app.

    P.S. I like to listen to the show while I get my 4 year old to sleep but I keep giggling and waking her up :(

  22. I think you guys are wrong about the new auction house app. This is IMHO a way to get goldsellers and auction bot people to not be on the server. They get to charge another fee and keep character models off the servers. It makes things better for server load and I don’t have to click an auctioneer’s name because I’ll be able to see them! It’s not for normal dudes like you or me!

  23. Just wanted to let you know that you can run Molten Core and Zul’Grub with only 3 geared level 80s. We are currently farming Molten Core for rep with a pally tank, an elemental shaman and moonkin. You just need to be smart on some of the trash pulls and be careful with the fire lords. BTW the Brewfest remote is really handy to get into Molten Core.

  24. yes, there is a globe of Azeroth in Ulduar. the stills are on the net somewhere.

    the climate is completely incoherent, as is the hydrologic cycle.

    you could have some fun trying to explain it….

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  30. Azeroth actually is round. At the Black Temple summit if you look up, you can actually see Azeroth.

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  32. Undoubtedly, one of the best article l have come across on this precious topic. I quite agree with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your coming updates.

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