The Instance #192 – I’m Just Going To Call It Kalimuhdor. Deal With It.

Big News Of The Week

Blizzard Sells Out Tickets For Blizzcon, So They’re Available Everywhere

Last week in two rapid-fire sales events, Blizzard sold tens of thousands of tickets to Blizzcon 2010 in October. The tickets were in such high demand by potential attendees and, more likely, speculators, that they can properly be considered to have sold out in 5 to 10 seconds after each sale was started. Such is the way of things nowadays. But the tickets are temporarily transferable, so speculators have flooded the web with offers.

Rumors And Scuttlebutt

Blizzard Gives Us A Peek At Some Talent Trees

Four of the ten classes got a preview this week, as Blizzard put out prospective talent trees for the post-Cataclysm druid, shaman, rogue and priest.

There’s A New Starcraft 2 Commercial

It just debuted during the NBA Finals basketball game, and has subsequently been posted here. According to Blizzard, The thirty-second spot features voice-overs from two iconic characters in StarCraft II, and is cut from the pre-rendered cinematic sequences found throughout the game.

Town Cryer

Samuel writes: Scott and Randy if you guys are such good friends why do you guys not raid with each other?

Dominic D. writes: I visited today to see a front page post indicating that the administrator is in danger of not being able to host his website anymore due to financial concerns. He is calling for donations and sponsorships to help keep it alive, citing that his server bills are $800/month. I just wanted to drop a line to your show, because I feel that Auctioneer is the best addon anyone can have, and I don’t want to see it go away.

Cataclysmic Drop Of The Week

You Want Me To Do What?

This is the fifth in our limited series, wherein we’re highlighting things for you to do in WoW that you might not ever get to do again after the Cataclysm.

Additional show content provided by Darrell the Tipgiver, Steve “Buxley” Pietrowicz, James “Acuzod” Jefferies and the outstanding Instance Community.

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39 thoughts on “The Instance #192 – I’m Just Going To Call It Kalimuhdor. Deal With It.

  1. Speculators? Are you sure you don’t mean scalpers?

    *has not heard episode yet, hopes this isn’t just an inside joke he’s not in on yet*

  2. Finally!! Took you guys long enough 😛 I’ve been fiending for The Instance

  3. speculator simply means you are betting on being able to sell it for more than you paid. scalper is what you call it when the practice is illegal.

  4. so I thought they wanted to simplify talent trees, and these trees have most of the same stuff +MOAR
    Balance in particular looks cool

  5. Look forward to listening to the Podcast later. The Chakra talent in the Priest preview includes Smite (Yes!) but appears to be incomplete, only mentioning Smite at the bottom and with 3 levels vs. 5.

  6. Lol i need that cover of “eiffel 65 – i’m blue”! 😀 Is there any way to get it?

    Love the show btw :) i love listening to old shows while i’m farming etc. it makes boring things fun again :p

  7. June 2ND 6:58pm {PST} “not knowing what the Blizzcon ticket sale page looked like”
    ….7:00 *press the reload button* 1 ticket… yes…. submit *click*
    15001 in queue….
    *watches numbers drop slowly* 11,232….. 0% OUT OF STOCK!!!
    …..pwnt! *sad face* oh well….

    June 5Th 9:55am {PST} F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5…………
    !!!10:00!!! on the dot….1 ticket! YES! submit *click*
    109 in queue….
    *blinks at amazement*
    *shakes slightly* CC INFO! CC INFO!
    enter CC info here *click*
    /dance /joy /faint /cheer

  8. I’m in agreeance with Pekkaka here, that cover of i’m blue is fairly awesome and i would reaaaally like a link to it, any chance of that happenning?

  9. The Speech thing on the 3g/4g iPod Shuffle says the title like this…

    “I’m just going to call it ka-li-mew-duhr”

    I lol’d, hard. Good episode guys.

  10. I can’t say anything for rogues/shamans (because the shaman seems incomplete, anyway, and I don’t play a rogue), but the changes to priests/boomkins really make a huge difference in terms of gameplay – it’s not just stat changes, so don’t know what you guys were on there 😉 Great show otherwise :)

  11. Regarding the question about the WOW card game… the question was misunderstood. The caller was not asking about the loot cards. He was asking if the older cards would be permitted in tournament play since the back of the cards will now NOT include the Upper Deck logo. Any cards with an altered back or edge tends to be banned from tourney play because this enables a player to play with marked cards. The caller wanted to know if buying any of the older card releases would be worthless if the older cards are banned as a result of this change.

  12. What sucks about the Argent Tournament quests? After doing the same damn boring quests for a week to finish your home city. You choose another city and do the same exact quests all over again for another week. Would it be that hard to have different quests for each city? Even if they were killing a different 10 mobs, would make it a bit better.

  13. Great show this week, not looking forward to attempting the Loremaster on the horde side after switching factions! I’d love to win some of that lovely jewely.

  14. I’ve looked at your FAQ and everything, maybe I haven’t searched quite enough, but I cannot seem to find the song you played JUST before you all stopped recording and started replaying the previously recorded montage.
    The song in question is a piano/electric guitar instrumental of I’m Blue (Da Ba Dee), and that was like.. the best instrumental I’ve ever heard of that song.

    If you could possibly give us a download link to that instrumental, that would be fantastic! Great show, as always.

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  17. Actually, Lord of the Rings is not the first mmo Turbine has turn from subscription to free to play. They did it with DDO last year.

  18. A link to that wonderful song at the end of this podcast and the name of the artist would be great! I want it in my songs list. Backed up the podcast several times just to hear it again. Genius.
    To really tank a dungeon, to kill the boss, you gotta fight your way inside; Know every strat, have every mod, mark every target as they die.
    And when we find you have been tanking while specced Arms,
    we’ll know you really tanked a dungeon…

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  20. Thanks so much for posting Dominic’s message about the Auctioneer Add-on and its financial troubles. As a note of appreciation for both the add-on and this podcast, I’m donating to both! :^)

  21. I am hoping that as I take my DK around to get exalted with the home cities I will knock out a few of those Loremaster achievements… already have LM for Outlands and Northrend… now I just need to buckle down and do it… but I won’t. It, much like the explorer title, are just not interesting to me. If they paid a little more money I might be interested. I don’t have enough playtime (maybe 1 hour, 2 on a good day) to get stuff done. I just my briddle for my Gruntling before Cata hits… so ambassador is a must.

    And the Argent quests are boring and redundant. I have to force myself to go out there to do them, and I can generally only do that once a week or every other week…. will take a while to get all the factions. :(

  22. Hi guys. youtube user ShizzlatorXVI

    pointed out that you guys used my “Im Blue (da ba dee)” guitar remix on your podcast. I just want to say thanks!

  23. well we expect blizzard to do nothing with outland, but outland is stuck in the past, Illidan’s dead, Kael’s dead, anything you do in outland is in the past. That’s why some people think it’s not right. Most quests you are given are no longer relevant to the story.

    Northrend’s worse, because it is actually attached to the ROUND planet!

    Ambassador title is really a level 60 achievement! remember getting this rep this was possible in the old world, we just didn’t call it achievements.

  24. Why wouldnt female tauren have breasts? They are based on greek minotaurs, which are *human* bodies with bovine heads. Plus, as mammals, how are they going to nurse their young without breasts?
    We really should be a little more careful about how much we associate ourselves and the real world with a little collection of coloured pixels on a computer game that you move around by pressing keys on your keyboard.

  25. You guys are usually so great, but your comments on the wowtcg are very wrong. The old cards will always have value because of the talent system in the game. There are some staples from the first set that will always be useful in the classic format.

  26. Thanks for the heads up on completing the exploration ach before the expansion (autorun FTW). Reminded me of when I first started playing MMOs on Starwars Galaxies. I didn’t know about autorun so my friends and I would rest something on the up arrow to run from Anchor Head to Mos Eisley. Then go get a drink lol.

  27. The only issue I had with this episode was the whole debate about customization, frankly I would rather have the ugly customization of something like Elder Scrolls over having a formerly *human* werewolf have some of the options you discussed ><

  28. So I totally won some freaking awesome jewelry, yeah…how do I go about giving you my info?

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