The Instance #193 – Remember The Path Of The Titans

Big News Of The Week

C’est La Vie, That’s Just The Way It Goes

Like many possible changes to the game that have never reached full implementation, Blizzard announced last week that two of their proposed changes to the game with the Cataclysm expansion have met the cutting room floor. Specifically, linear guild talents and the Path of the Titans. For various reasons, Blizzard has decided to dismiss them from Cataclysm, and said so, and was met with a lot of… feedback… as a result.

Rumors And Scuttlebutt

Some Glyphs Are Too Small, And Some Are Too Big

At the Blizzard press conference last week, they announced the concept of “medium glyphs”, by which a third tier of glyphs may give you many more options in Cataclysm. Furthermore, Blizzard proposed a couple of *very* interesting changes: a list of all the glyphs you have to choose from in your UI, and glyphs that stick around for you once you’ve acquired them.

The Guild Talents Thing Isn’t All Bad News

Tom Chilton asked some very difficult questions about guild talents as Blizzard announced the scrapping of such. We don’t have a direct quote, but it was a series of questions that explained why guild talents were problematic. Can only the guild leader pick the talents? Do you allow guilds to re-spec? Who pays for it? How do you give all the players in the guild a sense of being involved? This gave way to his demonstration of a better plan: guild leveling.

Town Cryer

We love good calls!

Cataclysmic Drop Of The Week

It’s Red And You Sit On It

This is the sixth in our limited series, wherein we’re highlighting things for you to do in WoW that you might not ever get to do again after the Cataclysm. Be a hero! Be able to prove it! Finish the achievement “Glory Of The Hero“!

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