The Instance #194 – Plate, Plate, Plate

Big News Of The Week

It Just Got Real

Blizzard implemented World Of Warcraft version 3.3.5 this week, laying the groundwork for the opening of the Ruby Sanctum dungeon – but not yet making that raid instance available to players – and suddenly and irrevocably changing the nature of the game and every game Blizzard produces from now on… with the new Blizzard Real_ID system. What seemed like a trifle throughout the discussion of it over the last few months has generated more talk and debate this week than anything we’ve seen in a long time. Of course, it’s designed to generate talk, since it’s a communications system.

Rumors And Scuttlebutt

Is There A New Trio For The Win?
For years in 3v3 arena PvP in WoW, the trio of choice has been Rogue, Mage and Priest. The combination of the rogue’s ability to surprise attack with overwhelming stuns and damage, while the priest and mage focus all crowd control on keeping their focus target from being healed… has reigned supreme. That is, until this years’ Arena Tournament, which concluded open play this week.

Don’t Miss The Midsummer Fire Festival!

Even if you completed every quest and every achievement attached to the Midsummer Fire Festival last year, a lot of it has reset for you for this year, and we’re halfway through its’ two week duration, so there’s no time to lose.

Town Cryer

Liam G. writes: I am graduating in about a week and am also in a raiding guild. I have missed many raids lately due to RL schedule conflicts and my raid group says that if i do not show up for the next raid then i will be kicked from the guild but i have graduation that night. I could skip the Dance afterward and raid but it would disappoint my RL friends.

Cataclysmic Drop Of The Week

Step right up and get your heirlooms!

This is the seventh in our limited series, wherein we’re highlighting things for you to do in WoW that you might not ever get to do again after the Cataclysm.

You might have thought we’d save this one for last, since purchasing heirloom items will only take a few minutes of your time, but the fact is that heirlooms are relatively expensive. They run between 40 and 65 dungeon badges each, or between 60 and 95 Champion’s Seals from the Argent Tournament each, so it’s going to take some time to acquire, say, five of them for your up and coming hunter.

Additional show content provided by Darrell the Tipgiver, Steve “Buxley” Pietrowicz, James “Acuzod” Jefferies and the outstanding Instance Community.

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25 thoughts on “The Instance #194 – Plate, Plate, Plate

  1. with cata coming i don’t perceive a need to rush thru the low levels. When buying heirlooms, it may be best to try and get items that have several uses, because it may be hard to predict what you’ll do with them in the future.

  2. Hi Guys,
    Been a listener since somewhere in 2008. It is nice that you talk about pvp. But you really need to inform yourself :)

    plate plate plate does not outlast with “extra ” Stamina. It is a burst combo just as well as all the destro WL / Elemental Shaman teams. RMP has not won a tournament for quite some time. The last winners were beastcleave teams (Enhancement shaman, Beastmaster hunter, Holy paladin)

  3. Guys you CAN already have more then 3 people in a conversation, when in a convo look to the left of the chat window and there will be a button to invite more people into the convo

  4. I don’t know if Cataclysm will hearth you, Scott, but … once my server crashed when I was in the middle of a water quest off Darkshore. When I logged back in the next day, my character was at the bottom of the ocean and she drowned. So Gerp and Henry may yet have watery doom in their future!

  5. Just want to take issue with Randy saying to keep playing PVP till you enjoy it. Isn’t that a bit of an arrogant attitude? One of the beauties of WoW is that its many things to many people – people enjoy different things. I’m not saying that Blizzard should take PvP achievements out of the Meta, they wont so not point asking anyway, however the attitude that just because Randy enjoys it everyone else should is very poor. Everyone is different and enjoys different things and should be free to enjoy, or not, any aspect of the game.

  6. So this comment went on the wrong story … commentfail!11!!!

    Hey, just a note! In the Achieve Success portion, the guy mentioned that you can’t Ice the Frost Lord unless you’re 80 … not true! On my shaman, Ancestor from Blackwater Raiders, I was able to queue, kill Ahune, and get my scythe, all at level 78. Check my achievements for Ice the Frost Lord (6/21) and Level 80 (6/24) to see that I’m speakin’ the truth. Also, got my scythe on the very first try 😀


  7. You have mentioned several times on quickfire questions and elsewhere, “If you could only change one thing in the game what would it be: Mine is 2-fold, 1- make all purchasable items (with badges etc) bind on acct rather than bind on pickup and 2 – Reputation across account rather than per character. As someone with a main and several Alts, its so frustrating trying to gear them all at the same time. Especially when I have 200+ badges of justice on 1 toon, and a level 69 that could use some great gear at 70, but will never find someone to run all the lower level raids in a reasonable way.

    Scott and Randy, Your thoughts?

  8. I’m a little bit confused as to what Emily was talking about. I’m a female player and I play primarily Tauren, both male and female, having one of each class, at 80, except a DK. I also know a handful of female players that just prefer the female Tauren model.
    Beauty does not mean the same thing for everyone, some find it in the standard human, some in the scrawny belfs, others find it in the curvy draenei, and still others find it in the brawny tauren, and all of them are right.

  9. Re: RealID
    Randy said that you could turn off the friends of friends list in this podcast but I don’t see that option on Is that option in game? And what does it mean? Does it mean that you do not show up in the friends of friends lists? Or do you not see the friends of friends list?

  10. What’s the link for the list of top arena teams? I have a friend that plays a lock that is always whining about how they are the weakest class in the game and no one plays them any more because they aren’t competitive. I’d love to show him how untrue that is. Going through the armor ladder is somewhat tedious. I was hoping there was a nice chart somewhere.

  11. Man I love the instance! Look forward to
    You guys every week but have been ignoring that razr mouse ad everytime, but not this time 😉 I got a new computer, and a new mouse would be verrrrry handy for my new worgen rogue!

    Your voices are made for podcasts, randy needs to move back as his mic in hawaii doesn’t work proper! Also love the final score, Scott Johnson you brighten up my long week maintaining a golf course! Randys laugh is hilarious, need more puppy!!

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  15. what i would like to see for all those ppl who are gonna stay in thousand needles to be spawned onto of some goblin rescue boat. i think that would be pretty cool.

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