The Instance #195 – Wanna Touch My Beta?

Big News Of The Week

Lifting An NDA Is A Great Workout

Blizzard blew the doors down on this joint this week with the opening of the last major raid dungeon before the coming Cataclysm, and the sudden release of the beta version 4.0 of that forthcoming expansion to the world. The non-disclosure agreement has been lifted, and that means that beta testers are free to share pretty much anything they like about Cataclysm from here on out.

Rumors And Scuttlebutt

Your Guild Looks Kinda Perky

Along with the Cataclysm beta comes the full prediction of what guild talents are going to look like after the world is partially destroyed, and this week we learned that Blizzard is tentatively calling them Guild Perks.

Much like we discussed last week, guild perks will be improvements to aspects of the game that are somewhat more cosmetic or generalized, and will be available to everyone in the game who is in a guild, can join a guild, or can create a guild and go earn them.

The Real-ID Is For Complain And Worry

As we’re recording, Blizzard’s Real-ID system has been released exactly 13 days, and is now the subject of about 5000 e-mails to The Instance, and about 5000 man-hours of discussion in our guild chat.

Despite the massive FAQ Blizzard posted on the system, complaints and concerns have been rolling into the game forums on non-stop since Real-ID went live. We’re going to try to break down the concerns into categories, and discuss them as calmly as possible. Please folks, don’t try this at home.

Town Cryer

Soapy from Andorhal writes:

Hey, I was just wondering if you guys think that Blizzard might add some new servers with the release of Cataclysm. And if so, do you think they will offer free character transfers?

Cataclysmic Drop Of The Week

Go Get Something Legendary!

This is the eighth in our limited series, wherein we’re highlighting things for you to do in WoW that you might not ever get to do again after the Cataclysm.

That’s right. We’re crazy, and we’re suggesting that you build Thunderfury, Blessed Blade Of The Windseeker!!

Additional show content provided by Darrell the Tipgiver, Steve “Buxley” Pietrowicz, James “Acuzod” Jefferies and the outstanding Instance Community.

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19 thoughts on “The Instance #195 – Wanna Touch My Beta?

  1. Can’t wait to hear Scott and Randy’s take on the RealID forum fiasco.

  2. It’s possible you are unaware of Gary Glitter being a very bad man indeed, it’s probably best not to use pictures of him.

    Check the Wiki on him if you really must know the details, but you will regret it.

  3. Wow everyone! Thanks for the enthusiastic response. My wife and I recorded that song. I shared it with some friends earlier with that zshare link. I’m a little surprise you found it. Anyway, I was working on a website to share all of that with you all, but I’m still working out the domain issues. For now, you can find that song, and others at is current home at Enjoy!

  4. Well guys awesome show as always – and while you guys always put on great show, I just wanted to leave a comment to say how much I dug the song featured on the show today. I’ve heard a few wow parody songs that have made me laugh, but this is the first one I’ve heard that really struck me as beautiful musically – very well sung and written :)

  5. Aergor, loving the Little Mermaid song and the others on your site – you and your wife should most certainly keep up the good work. Great stuff :)

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  10. Hey guys I wanted to say thanks for being the only reasonable podcasters out there in terms of the RealID thing. I have heard people saying this will result in increased hacks and people are going to stalk from the RealID (in game, not from the forums) and so on. This is th emost rediculous stuff out there. People aren’t taking into account that you have to turn it on, you have to have a persons email and the entire idea is for it to be your REAL FRIENDS, not some guy you ran a random with. Anyway, I could go on and on but I won’t you guys have been the only people I’ve heard actually approach it all from a realistic point of view, not some fantasy world where because my friend from college knows my emails I am going to get hacked… Keep on rocking!

  11. I think it may have been this show that you should probably rename to “How many times I can say the word douche….” or “The Douche-tacular episode on RealID nerdrage….”

    Love your shows guys keep it up.


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