The Instance #198 – Hide Ya Kids! Hide Ya Wife!

Big News Of The Week

Blizzard Rolls A One

How Great Thou Art!

In the wake of Comic-Con and the release of Starcraft 2, with development on the next expansion in full overdrive, attention to the current state of affairs in the World Of Warcraft has slipped to a bit of a low this week. You can tell because if you look at the blog on the World Of Warcraft main site, and collapse the articles on Starcraft 2, what you’re left with is… art. And some of it is *fine* art.

Rumors And Scuttlebutt

Where Is This Whole Raid Utility Discussion Going?

Greg Ghostcrawler Street weighed in on a somewhat philosophical discussion this week about the buffs, and therefore the importance, that you bring to a raid. Please bear with us, this is a bit long, but it bears examination. He started by responding to a question that pertains to the larger subject. The question was

“Why does a DK not have to choose between horn of winter and desecration?“

Ghostcrawler said,

“Because that is pretty much all the DK gets.

The shaman on the other hand gets to choose among Strength of Earth Totem, Windfury Totem, Wrath of Air Totem, Flametongue Totem, Tremor Totem, Healing Stream Totem, resistance Totems and Earthbind Totem, which doesn’t even count Bloodlust / Heroism, and things like Unleashed Rage or Elemental Oath. If your buff was as competitive as theirs and you had so much versatility, we fear we’d see raids with many, many shaman in them. As it is, there’s still a good chance for 3 shaman in a 25-player raid, while the DKs might get 2 slots if they’re lucky.

You should get a slot because you are a good player, not because your buff rules.”

Town Cryer

Greg writes: Will Starcraft II take the majority of your game playtime away from World of Warcraft?

Chris P. writes: I’ve been playing WoW for the last two years and my son really likes watching me play and wants to start playing, too. I’ve let him create his own characters from time to time in the past, but sat close by in case there were any problems. I’m cautious about my kids, who are 8 and 10, playing MMOs. I trust my kids, but worry about who’s on the other side of that Blood Elf that just walked up to say “hello”. Are there any WoW related mods that I can use that can allow my kids to play WoW securely when I’m not able to be sitting right there next to them while they play?

Drop Of The Week


You heard me. I said RAWR!! And it’s not just a loud utterance, it’s the name of the new super-tool for evaluating your character at angle. And Rawr can be found right here.

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26 thoughts on “The Instance #198 – Hide Ya Kids! Hide Ya Wife!

  1. Um, guys? Rawr’s been around for… well, I’ve been using it since early wrath, and I’m sure it had been around for a while before that. You guys were looking at the new version 3 beta, but the current release version of it is 2.3.21

    That doesn’t mean it’s not an incredibly valuable tool- it really is, especially for a min/maxing hardcore player. All that means is that it’s not new, as your segment presented it to be. It’s been around for years.

    Great show nonetheless :) Two more to go, can’t wait to find out how awesome #200 will be!

  2. RAWR is the best tool out there for any DPS class, been using it myself for a long time.

    In l33t talk you could say its for uber awsome noob pwnage elitist peeps, but I recommend it for all.

  3. Just gotta say, its good to hear that the frogpants studios is back up on another host. Congrats Scott.

  4. It is under the rss feed. They apparently forgot to create show notes due to the re-recording of the show. I think it is on itunes too? Have to comfirm that.

  5. I’ve used rawr since TBC…. i’m surprised if it is still in beta… it is updated often. Great number crunching tool – use it. Many players will be shocked at their gear/gem choices (cough stamina tanks I’m talking to you). Learn to play and not be a sheep. Research > Trade chat nubs.

  6. The beta they are talking about is the non-download, in browser rawr that is currently on the elitest jerks website. You can download the client still though, and it is currently in version 2.0 or something.

  7. Why does everyone think there will be a WOW 2 Blizzard was learned from EQ. People who played and love 1 will not play 2. Cataclysm is WOW 2 and I say that because after it comes out you can never go back to play vanilla again. They don’t want to compete with themselves Cata is the transition from WOW 1 to 2. Just my 2 cents.

  8. The answer to your question on ‘how should WoW transition to WoW2″ is simple and the answer lies in sequels like Mass Effect 2.

    Give bonuses to players based on their level, gear, achievements and gold. A sort of gear-score + achievements + gold based bonus system.

    In ME2 if you carry a character over to the sequel you still start as a low level — but you gain bonuses based on what you did in the last game. Did you have more than x number of credits? If so you get a big gold starting bonus. Did you complete some in game story element? Then something else opens up to you in the game.

    Anyway, another way to ensure that characters can be imported without losing their names, etc. is to have the same-named servers (Earthen Ring, etc.) pop up in WoW2. So Ladaa’s name is reserved when that character is imported into WoW2’s Earthen Ring server.

    This also would allow for people to continue to play the old WoW. Once a character is imported into WoW2 he can never be imported again. But you could in theory continue to play that character in WoW1.

    Seems easy to me. I never liked the idea of having level 85 or 90 characters running around from day 1 in WoW2 anyway.

    For those who think WoW1 will live 4Evah!1!! Do they want the WoW franchise to wither on the vine like Ultima’s has?

  9. What song was used at the break right before Town Crier (~48:08)? The classical one.

  10. I just listened to the show and I have to tell you… To me Cataclysm, means WoW2.

    thinks it through, we´re getting a new ground world, very different characters in terms of abilities, talents and buffs; plus a completely different way of playing, specially for the healers.
    They just learnt for the EQ2 mistake and never said WoW2, but its there, and its inevitable.

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  12. Guys, is not a loss leader. A better phrase to describe it is value added. You buy stracraft 2 or wow or whatever and you get the additional access to which make them better.

  13. I am curious what you guys think of ghostcrawlers comments in light of what he has said about the Hybrid Tax. In the past he has stated that Pure Classes have to do more damage because if they didn’t then know one would play them. However it seems if you don’t give the hybrids unique buffs and the pure can do more dps. it just seems things swing the other way and pure classes are all you take when you can get away with it. What are your thoughts.

  14. Oh and the above people are correct. Rawr has been around for awhile and is a great FULLY FUNCTIONAL program that runs in it’s own program. And can be found here. . The beta that you mention is housed on RAWR but is not done by them, and that is why they don’t mention it on there site. The beta is for the web app they are working on, but does about the same thing as the program. Guys I love the show, but this is a pretty popular program for min/max and the fact that you got this so wrong kind of showed a lack of research that I really hope is tightened up in the future. If you Google RAWR it takes you right to the page, and even the beta was called version 3. Hope you correct this in the next pod cast.

  15. Great episode

    I had to look that warrior Gorca up after I heard you talking about him. His current specs are the cookie cutter 60/11/0 build for double healer/warr 3s aka Dispel Cleave. Shadowmourne and 1500 with two healers? :\ LOL @ HIM. Its not a PVE build at all and wouldn’t even be worthwhile without Imp Slam

    He may have appeared to be Arms because of a bug with DBW that makes your offhand not show on your character model after a shapshift. He probably looked like he only had one weapon 90% of the time and that would mislead most people that aren’t Warrior nerds like me.

  16. Oh, and BM hunters do have a use..Replen if you are desperate but its other use…

    Beast Cleave, enh Shaman/BM hunter/healer (usually paladin) 3s. It is only for the most skilled of players. They choose a target, pop all of their cooldowns, bloodlust and never switch targets until its dead. If their CD’s/Lust go down and they don’t have a kill their pressure is weak and the match is pretty much over.

    My favorite part of fighting this comp is the nameplates that cover my entire screen to the point where I can’t tell what is going on.

  17. Hi Guys, I was just wondering If you know about any Issues downloading the Podcast with ZenCast? I occasionally get an issue where it trys to re-download an existing episode and then bugs out and crashes…

    I would come join AIE, but play on EU…

    Iceshade, Noob Hunter since late vanilla.
    Bloodhoof EU

  18. I’ve been using Rawr for a while too, especially when I’m running dps. The new beta may be new, but rawr itself has been around for at least the duration of wrath, because that’s how long I’ve been aware of it.

    As has already been stated, it’s a GREAT tool, you’re absolutely right. But it’s not a new thing.

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