The Instance #217 – Now I’ve Gotta Go…

Join us for Randy’s last episode on The Instance. A very different episode, this. We hope you enjoy this fun look back, and forward.

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91 thoughts on “The Instance #217 – Now I’ve Gotta Go…

  1. Woe… I knew it was coming, but for it to finally happen. Mr. Deluxe, take care! Be safe!

    While I often did not agree with you, I loved the show over the last 2 years. Lets see what the future brings.

  2. Hey guys, i have listened to the show for about 5 years now, and i cannot express how much fun i have had along the way. You guys are both great and i actually feel like i have formed a one-sided relationship with you two you may not know me but i have learned much about you through this podcast. I just want to thank you for all of your hard work, i look forward to the new co-host. but the instance will always be Scott Johnson and Randy Jordan. Randy, good luck with everything i will miss your witty humor. its funny through listening to you talk, i have actually increased my vocabulary haha. I hope to hear you guest star on the show in the future. Thank you and good luck.
    – Cloud

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  4. Randy is actually becoming Obama’s ambassador to Azeroth. Surprised yall didn’t read between the lines.

  5. “Now I’ve gotta go…”

    Saddest most touching moment in podcasting ever :( So many good memories, so much good luck sent your way Randy.

  6. Long time listener. Loved The Instance even when during WoW hiatuses! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU RANDY!

    Can’t wait for the brand-spankin’ new 3-man Instance! XD EXCITED!

  7. Hey guys,

    Randy, I bro/friend love you man.. You guys made me so happy. I must admit, i am quite sad that you’re leaving. But I’m glad you’re moving on to better things. I hope you have a great life and I thank you for cheering me up with every episode.

    WoW was made so much better because of you. *salute

    For the horde!

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  10. Sad to see you go mate,
    been listening to the podcast for a long time, and look forward to it every time.

    I’ll still keep looking forward to it, but will miss hearing your voice and your infinite wow wisdom!

    Good luck in the future.

  11. Can’t wait for the first episode of the “Heroic” Instance.

    Would love to hear a segment like “Top 10 (and bottom 10?) hosts that Scott tried to get on the team”.

    – Felicia Day
    – Curt Schilling
    – Gnomewise (by the way, get Totally Hardcore onto Frogpants)
    – Mike Schramm (ha snort)
    – Nicole Spag
    – Gary R. Herbert
    – Will Wheaton
    – DING PONG?!

  12. Many thanks to Scott & Randy for another great episode. And of course best of luck on your future endeavors Randy.
    I first got into listening to The Instance about a year ago shortly after I had back surgery and I was at home recuperating. A co-worker of my wife had made the suggestion of the podcast and I tuned in and managed to listen to almost all of the episodes during that time that I spent flat on my back on the couch playing WoW.
    Thanks again Randy for the good times in the past year.

  13. So what? No more “I’ve spread diseases before”? What is this scandal? This will not work!
    Anyhoo, all fun aside, you will be missed, Mr. Deluxed. Bonne continuation.

  14. I just listened to this episode and I just have to say thank you to Scott and Randy for the wonderful work they have done and will continue to do. The loss of Randy from The Instance is sad but understandable. To Randy and his family, congratulations on the beginning of a new chapter in your lives. I know that this community knows that what you will produce at your new job will be great. Thank you for the amazing contribution to, not only the show but our lives. The chemistry, fun and just all around knowledge that you guys have has been a blessing to myself and every listener. To Scott, good luck with future shows. These new guys have a lot to live up to but I think they’ll do a good job. Thanks again guys.

  15. Good luck with your new venture Randy!

    Interested to hear the new format. Turpster is great on hypothetical help but I did sigh when I heard he was going to be on here. Time will tell I spose. Two man shows seem to gel better but that’s just my opinion.

    Good luck!!


  16. Good luck Randy, thanks for everything you’ve done for this podcast.

    Looking forward to hear the new hosts.


  17. First time poster, four year fan. Thank you so much for years of entertainment. I’ve never ‘met’ anyone as wonderful to listen to on so many topics as the inestimable Randy jordan. You truly are a unique and gifted individual and I wish you the greatest success in the future.
    Sadly this marks the end for my listening with the arrival of Turpster, I’ll check up on the site every now and then to see if you replace him.

  18. Taking a shot here and going to say Trion/RIFT since you dropped “Soul” a few times throughout the podscast.

  19. Love Randy and Scott and The Instance, and happy for Randy, but I think its BS that you claim to have close and caring relationship with listeners, (and podcasts do tend to be more intimate than mainstream media), and then not give any mention of where your going to work??? That’s not being caring and intimate at all :( We don’t want details, just a simple, “I’m going to work for company X” seems like we deserve that.

  20. Hey, great episode! I really hope that microphone wasn’t actually plugged in.

  21. Good Luck Randy – great show. You’ll be missed.

    I’ll keep listening to the show, good luck to the new hosts. I was wondering when Turpster would be guest again – well now he will be there more often^^

    Great Show! Keep it up.

    So I’ll now listen to the last episode with Randy Deluxe

  22. Randy, go for it in the future! Thanks for making my wow experience one of the best I’ve ever had.

  23. My Podcast world opened with WoW Insider Show with Mike & The T, but didn’t care for that one since they left. I switched over to the Instance very late, and every time I heard Scott & Randy, I was happy.
    Only this morning on the train I listened #216 and heard the news, and I was like “not another duo splitting up/going away *sadface*”.
    But now, before listening #217, I read the comments and saw the news about T, so I’m 76.3% happy again!
    Now I’m gonna go and listen #1 – #216 again, I wonder how long I’ll last 😀

  24. Goodbye Randy thanks for all the good laugh and you will be miss
    But hey good you found a job 😀

    see ya on film sack 😉

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  26. I actually haven’t listened in a while as I haven’t been playing much but occasionally try to catch up with the iTunes feed backlog. This is sad news.

    In terms of a replacement, while I’ve never listened to Scott’s other show with Turpster (perhaps unfairly) because of the following reason, when he was on WoW Radio I used to just find him annoying. I guess, being from the UK, the fact that he has a “british” accent was less of a novelty for me so all I really got was a man trying desperately to be thought of as funny, in that “my friends all say I’m crazy!!” sort of way, desperate being the operative word. As I say, I haven’t heard him lately but if nothing’s changed that would definitely kill this show for me. No offense to the guy – I’m sure he has fans. Just not to my own tastes.

  27. Not sure why, but this episode didn’t download on my itunes so I’ve jsut listened to it. Nice show, as usual.

    Randy take care and I’ll be anxious to hear where you are going to be working. Best of luck to you there. I’ve been listening to you guys for about 4 years or so and while I enjoy quite a few various podcasts, you guys do it like no one else. Thanks for putting the time in and I’ll hear you on film sack.

    Scott, the Tom Hanks movie was Turner & Hooch.

    I’m looking forward to hearing the new show. I love hypothetical help and think The_T is an allright guy. He’s funny enough and has some different views of things. You guys make a good combo. I am not in AIE, or on the realm and I don’t listen to the AIE podcast, so I don’t know who the other guy is, but I am sure he will be fine if Scott has faith in him to carry on.

  28. I haven’t listened to the instance for that long and haven’t really been tuning in for a while. I then come back and find the sad news. I have always liked you even though I never knew you and it would be the thought of your witty humour that would always bring me back. I am truly saddened by your departure but am happy for you and hope you do great in life and job. The instance has been the only pOdcast I have ever listened to and I will have to see how these new presenter are. The instant will always be the place were Scott and Randy would bestow there Awsome wow knowledge on us and that will never change. So this is goodbye mr deluxe however I hear you do film bucket which I may start listening to just for you. Good bye and goodluck and always remember For The Horde!

  29. I listened to the live recording of this show and I’ll admit a tear or two was shed. I decided that I wanted to listen to the episode again and downloaded it and figured that all the tears were done and I would be able to just enjoy the show. Until it got towards the end when you could hear Scott start to choke-up as he was saying goodbye. Like Niagara Falls.
    Anyway I just wanted to say that I’ll miss Randy, I’m sure I’ll enjoy The T and Dills, and Scott… keep on truckin’!

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