#226 – The Instance: Blizzard’s Warcrafty Year

Big News of the Week
Turns out wow makes Blizzard an ass load of money! Let’s read Activision Blizzard’s 2010 10-K annual report. We talk about what it means. Patch 4.1 may just enter your world on Tuesday! We highlight all the big stuff just in case you’re behind. New Lore: Council of Three Hammers Story Available!

Rumors & Scuttlebut
Today we have yet another model from Patch 4.2, the Fire Cat form of Fandral Staghelm! There be issues with them there remote armory apps! Plus, we take a few minutes to see what is going on in the blogs with Greg Ghostcrawler Street.

Drop of the Week
Mathew Oxely’s “LFG” video. It’s pretty great!

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14 thoughts on “#226 – The Instance: Blizzard’s Warcrafty Year

  1. You can actually make two letter names. I own the name Py and Ei on Twisting Nether US.

  2. Enjoyed the show, as always, but you guys totally ignored that kid’s question about guilds.

    TLDR: He was right, small and startup guilds are at a huge disadvantage compared to the pre-Cata world.

    He was saying, quite rightly, that startup guilds now face a much higher hurdle than they did before guild perks. In the past, the only problem with a small guild was that there were few people online, a “quality of life” issue to be sure, but not something that affected most facets of gameplay.

    Before Cataclysm, the choice between a big guild and a small guild was strictly a matter of taste, especially for leveling. But now, given the choice between a small guild of people you don’t know– but who seem nice, and a huge lvl 25 guild, you’d have to have a really good reason to go with the low-level guild.

    On the show you talked about the patience and dedication it took the established guilds to build up, but the simple fact is that the amount of effort involved in going from 10 to 100 to 1000 members has grown exponentially with guild perks.

    I think the caller was right to suggest that small guilds be given some kind of compensatory leg up. Perhaps scaled guild experience for small guilds (e.g. require much less exp. for a 10 man guild than a 500 man guild) could at least alleviate some of the imbalance. Because if I understand correctly, it currently takes a flat number of experience to earn guild levels. If you have 10 members, each member will have to do 50 times as much to earn a perk as a member of a 500 man guild.

    As a last comment, if you wanna be totally pessimistic about it, the disincentives for choosing small guilds may impact one of the most commendable things about WoW: new players are less likely to be close with their guild mates in the future. When your guild chat looks like Trade chat, there’s just not as much room left for forming new IRL friendships.

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  6. Wanted to weigh in on getting your account locked out when your travel.

    In 2008 I traveled from the US to the UK and didn’t have an authenticator on my account. Didn’t get locked out.
    In 2009 I traveled multiple times from CA to NY without an authenticator and didn’t get locked out.
    In 2011 I traveled from the US to Vancouver, had an authenticator, and got locked out.

    I hadn’t logged on at all the day of my trip to Vancouver so ample travel time should have been factored in. My guess is that the authenticator isn’t the issue and that its probably the fact that I switched countries and that perhaps in 2008 their gate keeping was less strict. I appreciate the service but it was sad not to be able to play (at night) while on business. But, the alternative is easier account hacks so i’m cool with how they have it set up now.

  7. There is an interface option to block guild invites. Its next to the block trades option. A must-have for bank alts!

  8. Excellent show, but is anyone else finding the usually entertaining Turpsters propensity to put an “amusing” accent on every time he speaks maddening?

  9. Yes, yes I know he’s British, so am I.

    But its the bloody American accent he puts on!

  10. Regarding the guy asking about making guild levelling easier.
    Blizzard did just that with the Guild Challenges.

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