#259 – The Instance: World of Warhackery

Turpster and Scott defend the fort while Dills visits parts of Texas your mother never told you about in stories.

File tech incoming, happy 15 Diablo, Raid Finder loot rules explained, is hacking on the rise, authenticator followup, what happened to the Wolf Men, Trek goes free, aging player base, nothing wrong with Blood Elves, Massively awards and MORE!

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11 thoughts on “#259 – The Instance: World of Warhackery

  1. EVERY Delta mainline plane has WiFi. Only the 50 seat regional jets and international flights do not have WiFi.

  2. When Turpster’s cell phone went off during the podcast recording I thought to myself, “well that happens sometimes”. When it happened the second time, I just shook my head. When it happened the third time, I couldn’t help but say to myself, “what a fucking moron”. Just saying…

  3. Any chance that Turpster could work on losing some (preferably all) of the up-speak that he appears to be completely afflicted with? It’s possibly one of the worst cases i’ve ever encountered. Presumably/hopefully he doesn’t live in the UK or someone would have kicked him to death by now.

    Here’s some info in case you’re not sure what the term refers to:


  4. Has anyone else started recieving Starwars TOR hack emails from the same boof heads that send the world of warcraft ones? I have not signed up to TOR in any way and already i have recieved over half a dozen emails… sneaky buggers.

    Also when is the next show scheduled for and at what time and what time zone? (i live in Australia) Thanks

  5. Salutations.

    I generally like your podcast. And, I do want you to know that I absolutely appreciate what you do here. And, I don’t mind y’all plugging products and the such. Got to pay the bills! But, really, it’s getting rediculous. They’re too many and they are going on WAY too long. Again, I know you need them to support this otherwise excellent production. But, seriously, go back and time the amount of time you spend speaking about Doghouse, Typefrag, etc, and compare it, as a ratio, to time you spent talking about WoW. It’s starting to get a bit silly.

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