#260 – The Instance: Take the player, not the race!

We’re all here, and we bring you love.

Dragon Soul getting the nerf stick pretty quickly, cross-realm raids happening with 4.3.2, say goodbye to Windows 2000, Scroll of Res still down, character model talk, death of world PVP, more annual pass opportunities in future, the WoW movie, making students listen to the show, and WoW on the cheap for good!

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18 thoughts on “#260 – The Instance: Take the player, not the race!

  1. ** huddled in a fetal position, rocking back and forth** there will be another show soon, there will be another show soon, there will be another show soon they just CANT go 2 weeks with no show, there will be another show soon, there will be another show soon ** bites nails**

  2. to expand on your utah/steve young thing, steve young is also the great-great-great grandson of brigham young, who the college steve played for is named after

  3. Oh, Scott I love you so much for mentioning L&O:SVU. Agreed it is terribly bad and so awful.

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  6. it is like the dumb revelation that had that
    it would be cool to do instances via real idea with horde friends – there is lore for it since everyone was happy together in Darlan and Shatar.

    mormons are same as mohmet heathens creators of a heresy that is the doctrine of demons. both evil religions take the truth and twist it to make it well and good to have lots of sex with many wives. oh ya mormons don’t do that anymore- had a revelation it was not ok… ya whatever…
    blacks can get to the highest levels of heaven now too that was revealed to them as well…-
    so dumb i hate both false religions and feel sad for the deceived who are dammed with them. why u want to brag about a BYU guy who is a deluded mormon is beyond me.

    also you continue to try to anger people for no apparent reason… maybe you enjoy shock jock style – thus your – beat up the china person comment – further it is sad your co host Dills is no doubt a porn addict – he needs to face his problem and see how it will limit his chances in a lasting relationship – why do I want to hear his joke about a ‘masturbation room’? I do not.

    • ‘masturbation room’ *giggles* xD It made me laugh, just because you don’t find it funny doesn’t mean others don’t, although I’m surprised it wasn’t turpster lol. Don’t take everything so seriously, deep breath and relax, there’s enough poop in life without letting little things get to you so much and getting angry, focus on good things that make you happy. Love the show guys.

    • Lord Wulf,

      This is a place to talk about WoW and an excellent podcast with funny and talented hosts. Go peddle your religious bigotry elsewhere.

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