264 – Big Yellow Rubber Chicken

It’s phone in day! Strap in!

The Iron Man challenge, Blizzard and Valve walk into a bar, Heart of the Expensive Aspects, board games coming to Blizz fans, and YOUR LIVE CALLS!

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23 thoughts on “264 – Big Yellow Rubber Chicken

  1. Just started to listen to the Instance and loving them! Roll on next Friday

    From a fellow Englishman

  2. New listener here… Been playing wow since vanilla and I can’t believe I’ve missed out on this great show all this time!

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  4. the article is written in British English. Turpster actually speaks like this if you recall.

  5. Hello !

    So I’ve always thought of all your shows as 5 star Grade A :) shows. This solo one didn’t quite work. I know it can be very hard to solo run a show but If one has to be analytical and critical sorry to say and forgive me if this sounds rude but I found this to be a very poor show to every other one so far.
    I hope you take this as constructive criticism. The co-hosts are a must have.

    – Listening since #146.

    • Bleh.

      Did you somehow get the impression that it would be a regular thing? As stated on the episode, I’d always rather have all of us there, but I also don’t like missing weeks when people can’t make it. It was not a plea for people to let me know what they think about this hot new idea.

      Hey! Look at it this way! Next time I do a solo show regardless of reason, you can just check out and not download it! :)

      • I know it would not be a regular thing. Sorry just thought you would appreciate feedback on the new thing :).

        • So you knew it wasn’t a regular thing, you knew it was due to unforseen circumstances and wasn’t planned, and yet you thought you would criticise the episode and something out of his hands? Doesn’t really count as constructive criticism and a bit of a slap in the face :/ Personally I really appreciated the time and effort by Scott to make an episode by himself rather than miss one.

  6. It was much better than I expected when I heard it’s “one man’s show”. You proved you can make quite a show on your own – well, with the help of callers, who were great btw – anyway, nice show, keep up the good work, bb.

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