No Blizzcon? No problem! Welcome to BLIZZGONE!

Yeah, you heard me. This october, Instance and Frogpants hosts such as Scott Johnson, Mark Turpin, Dills McDilly Dills, Tom Merritt, Veronica Belmont (once we ask her), Brian Ibbott, and many more will host a online streaming event to end all streaming events! “BLIZZGONE 2012“!


What this means is literally our attempt to make up for the loss of this year’s Blizzcon, with our own big opening cerimonies, our own big announcements, streamed raids, Starcraft 2 matches, live interviews, and MORE!

What will this cost you? NOTHING, that’s how much. We will be doing a charity drive throughout, so willing individuals can help give to a great cause, but the proceedings will be totally free, and totally not endorsed by Blizzard! (Unless they want to.)

We have some time, but we wanted to get the bug in your ear. (A big bug…like a Zerg Overlord sized bug even.) Details to come! Join us in October for BLIZZGONE, 2012!

25 thoughts on “No Blizzcon? No problem! Welcome to BLIZZGONE!

  1. Sorry but the person who came up with that name should be showered in gold bars (in fluid form of course… Can’t risk to break his skull). Wish you the best of luck.

  2. Soon as you can tell me dates, the sooner I book some time off work, for a few days of blizstance goodness!

  3. I think you should pay pal me 14 dollars so I reup my subscription then another 25 and I will transfer to ur sever then you can get me in a raid with yous and see how lame my dps is and how boring I can make the most dynamic boss encounter then I will go off line when you say nasty things like “wtf” and “They raped us because you are a dildo.” …. Oh did I mention why I am not in a guild and do not even do random local realm raids on my sever that require vent?

    I still like you guys though but I keep thinking you are not good for the youth and have some addiction deviances with your constant genital and porn related comments.

    But the event does sound like fun- except for starcraft – never will play that dumb rts twitch game.

  4. Awesome idea guys. Can you make sure you leave it up to stream after the event though? Going to be a major pain for UK time otherwise.

  5. Was really sad that BlizzCon was cancelled, but this is the next best thing, get to watch Nerdtacular12 Streaming followed by BlizzGone2012 Streaming! HELL YES! Can’t wait!

  6. Maybe EA will decide to have a replacement SWTORcon. Might as well since the Cataclysm hit Blizzard.

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