267 – We feel so talented

Inviting fiends and riding transparent birds so you don’t have to…

Mists beta is really close, Cata with Ghostcrawler and what he thinks the future holds, Scroll of Rez is rezzed, talents will fix things once and for all in Mists, a good idea for free to play and tanking, what lvl 80 character do we want, we are taken to task on what layoffs mean, dude is pissed about the new invite a friend system, another pay model, and Arthas on your best table!

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39 thoughts on “267 – We feel so talented

  1. “I like to charge in, then charge out, go AFK and make a sandwich” – best quote ever

  2. what if they do Titian free to play and those that pay for wow get a subscriber account like other game like DCU dose where they can chose to pay a monthly fee or is that the same as what the emailer was talking about

  3. Hi there. This is Tanner (Brisketeer on Grizzly Hills server) My sister had a wow account that she no longer used and I thought what the heck I’ll send her a SoR and just login and create myself a level 80 mage. Here’s what you get when you login with your newly created level 80 toon:

    1: 75 gold
    2: (4) 20 Slot Bags not including the default bag.
    3: Automatic upgrade to 280% flight speed
    4: All flight paths up to level 80
    5: All iLevel 232 gear.
    6: Optimal talent spec already set up (based on the spec you choose when you are first signing up throught Battle.net)
    7: Standard level 60 flying mount

    • Just 1 correction. The mount is a lvl 70 Mount.

      “Swift Purple Gryphon” in my case on Alliance.
      Great job making this list BTW.

  4. “I like to charge in, then charge out, go AFK and make a sandwich” – best quote ever

    That is da coolest quote and worth re quoting… also yeah helllloooo you are trying to backpedal on the long whinge of Blizz Blizz so cute and nice… sorry USA = dump your big butt when I can make more money — you must be thinking of a Japan ‘Family’ Corporation back in the 80s… yeah ok they might have retrained retooled their peons… but a USA corporation with stockholders… ahhhh get a cynical brain their d00ds… still like you guys and even though my account is canceled – probably until Panda Expansion… I still want to transfer and join a AIE guild then you can boot me from ur raid when my warrior does lame dps and afks after double charging.

  5. does every episode have to have Butt and anal references. It makes it hard to enjoy the podcast with my kids

  6. Hello people !

    I think the idea of incentivizing tanking is really good though it could be improved… Here’s my idea :

    As soon as a player has tanked through a full heroic dungeon from start to finish, his current day of subscription becomes free of charge (only once per day, no matter how many dungeons the tank runs). A regular player who tanks Heroic dungeons everyday would therefore see his subscription permanently renewed as he tanks daily and despite the probable attempts at cheating the system (groups queuing with inappropriate specs) I suppose the cheating would be marginal… Of course, this would have a cost for Blizzard, but who knows ? This incentive might be worth if it prevents DPS and Healer people from unsubscribing due to lack of tanks.

    Cheers from the Reunion island !

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  10. I love how the last three replies are spammers..lol. Keep up the great podcast and site! I think the concept of free to play for tanking is not realistic or reasonable. It would lead to some really terrible tanks, and a healer hates nothing more than a rookie tank, especially at higher levels. I hate the free lvl 80 charactor with all the freebies just for coming back. I came back a month too soon. I would love some free 20 slot bags, I’m still begging for frostweave! I think it will add more players to higher levels but at what cost? There’s a reason you only get one ability every couple levels.. because you need to learn how and when to use it.

  11. Terpster. I loved your impression of a mage trainer:

    [old person voice] “Well, little mage… you see to have died a lot this level! Maybe you should get Ice Block!”

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