269 – The Mists have Cleared

Entire episode dedicated to Mists info that dropped today. Enjoy!

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14 thoughts on “269 – The Mists have Cleared

  1. First episode of The Instance I’ve listened to since I stopped playing WoW last June.

    I missed you guys!

  2. I understand the looting! It means that everyone rolls, then it takes each of the characters that rolled the highest for their class, then it filters out the people that the boss doesn’t have loot for, and now those people left are the ones that get loot

  3. great episode…now get those old archive episodes back online! 😉 keep up the great work

  4. i’m more excited about taking down Garrosh than anything else in this expansion. i’ve never liked him. when u told us that, i’m sold on buying a collector’s edition. it ramped up my excitement by 90%. i also love the idea of the farms. there’s so much going on in this expansion i’m gonna have to take timeoff work! lol. great job guys! : )
    tasha (holytosh, lvl 85 troll priest, kul tiras) FOR THE HORDE!

  5. So did dills actually show up for this one, or has he completely ditched all the shows?

  6. First, love the show. Keep up the great work. Next, just a quick comment about leveling through the “terrible 60’s.” Having leveled a number of alts through that, I understand the pain you express at the thought of leveling through Cata again, and how dated it feels. I get through it by doing a combo of different things. I’ll do some questing, some LFG, and then some random BGs (It’s not the fastest xp, but it works). And, my alts tend to have herbalism/mining…not only is it easy moola, but I get xp for each pick up. I only play those toons when they’re rested. Following this, the 60’s really go by fast (per hours /played) and I have a ton of fun by keeping it mixed up.

  7. I’m hoping an official announcement will come out before your next cast, but you guys should bring up the crazy warlock tanking going on in the beta. It’s amazing.

  8. I don’t think garrosh is actually getting killed, blizzard has kept pretty vague when they talk about him as the end boss, they say things like “end his reign as warchief”, but they don’t actually state “kill him”

  9. I’m VERY excited about taking down Garrosh, it’s gonna be epic!!

    Here’s my guess about what will transpire before we face Garrosh: Garrosh is going to admit that he knew his weapon was poisoned when he fought Cairne and he wanted him dead. Then Baine is going to be the one to give Garrosh his coup de grace! That would be TOTALLY awesome!!

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