10 thoughts on “A look at MoP with Scott

  1. Wouldn’t worry so much about a few missing anims. Those tend to get tweaked up until the last minute so the gameplay kids can work on cooldown timings etc. Looking pretty solid though. Can’t wait for my beta access!

  2. Thanks for this !
    I’m getting more and more excited about this expansion now up from what was the the least interesting expansion to me from Blizzcon till about a week ago.

  3. Sorry for the double-post. I can’t seem to edit my comment so here’s my question,
    Will you be posting more videos from when you hit L90 ?

  4. Thansk Scott, looks great! Love the panda starting area and the new animations, especially the landing after a jump and the hair moving. Not so sure about the running animations though, but can’t wait to get in myself and have a play!

  5. I… can’t…. wait!!
    Seems that panda girls are the only girls in the game I feel look interesting enough to play with.
    This looks insanely cool, and keeping in mind this is just beta we are seeing, I couldn’t be more excited about this.
    I need days off from work when I get my beta invite! ;D
    Now I’m just worried if I can come up with a name which would be cool enough for my future panda! 😛

  6. Good vid Scott! Pandarfolks looks great imo, and I love that stiff BACKIN’ UP animation :) Question, do you know when the people with Annual Pass will recieve the Beta? I’ve signed up for the anal… Annual Pass but haven’t recieved any email yet. Waiting impatiently. Thanks for the video and for a great show. Tell turpster I bet against him on the 10-or-11-characterslots-question. Lerb – Terpster, 1 – 0. Hell yeah!

  7. Not sure if they’ve announced the /dance yet, but i’m secretly hoping the females get the Enter the Ninja ‘dance’

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