271 – Wave 4 Complete!

Another show! This time, with a GIRL!!!

Veronica Belmont joins us today! Also, beta wave four is a thing and it happened, pre-made monks for your taking, the flying panther mount is mouth watering, even in comparison with the cloud serpents, WoW and CoD are being sued by idiots, dynamic quests explained, some people left over ToR, that Jaina thing was bull poop, the reason for the annual pass, off to war, letters from kids, and Mega Bloks has your WoW totally covered this year. Not to mention a great contest from the InFiveProductions guys!

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20 thoughts on “271 – Wave 4 Complete!

  1. Still listening even though I have not played for almost a year now. Been thinking of actually coming back, but I still do not like the childish direction of this new expansion. 😉

    • Childish direction of the new expansion? Err…what? MoP is no less childish than any other expansion.

      • Nobody’s said it better, that sums it up! Maybe the game isn’t childish maybe those who comment on the game are getting old… just a thought. 😀

    • yeah, agree with FCDOWN. In fact, the beta has proven to me that we are far from that…they are taking this new lore and setting really seriously. Your loss, N’man.

      • I would have to agree with FCDOWN and Scott in that a lot of people who haven’t played the beta yet don’t understand the integration of the new lore and a lot of people will be missing out based on their judgements of the panda.

    • Same question I wanted to ask, James. Scott, that was an awesome rendition of the Skyrim theme! Do you have a link?

  2. I have to say the addition of Veronica doesn’t make this episode any better. She just sucks and comes on to add comments/reactions to a game she hasn’t played in a while? Just another chick trying to be a gamer. I call bullshit.

    • Keep your wig on mate! She may not be entirely up to date with Warcraft but it makes a nice change for her to be on, rather than having the three musketeers week in, week out!

    • Whoa whoa whoa ding 😀 You’re probly right though since she still has a lvl84 main! There i said it. But beauty and intelligence intimidate me so she gets a pass… 😛

    • “Just another chick trying to be a gamer.”

      Since no one has called you out on this looks like I’m going to have to.

      Sexist bullshit. Neither sex or gender have anything to do with a person’s ability to game. Grow up.

      • Hi, I’m Bla, and I misunderstand comments.

        He’s not calling her ability to game into question, but rather the idea that she’s a girl who claims to be a “gamer” when she doesn’t even play the game the show is about.

        Please learn what context is before you comment, thanks.

        • How is, “just another chick trying to be a gamer” taken out of context? I don’t think it is. I understand the context, it’s your word usage that is sexist and bullshit. There are ways of calling her a poseur without being sexist about it.

          Thanks for playing, please try again.

        • Errr, how was it out of context? The post Bla replied to said she sucked and was “just another chick” trying to be a gamer, if that isn’t sexist I don’t know what is.

          And the suggestion she can’t be called a gamer as she hasn’t played wow for a while is silly. From what I heard on the podcast she’s more of a gamer than most people who probably play wow, what with playing skyrim, borderlands, swtor, and how many girls would get excited about flying mounts in a game?! :)

          Having someone on the show who is a gamer, who used to play wow and getting their thoughts of where the game is and going is good given the drop in subs and whether MoP will tempt them back. It’s a shame she hadn’t had time to play the beta before the show to give more feedback, but hey, I appreciated her taking the time out to come on the show and enjoyed the episode.

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