272 – Red panda male tail

Turpster got a sword. Scott is not happy about it.

What is mobile alert anyway, in active guild leaders get some changes, D3 beta has an end game, hunter pet skills explained, red panda male tail, Blizzard addresses changes, extra inventory space, extending the annual pass, getting past the grind, WoW google stats are interesting, and MORE!

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13 thoughts on “272 – Red panda male tail

  1. Thank you. Really. After working and studying all day just to come back home to, guess what, work some more, the Instance is exactly what I need.

  2. Hey Scott and Turpster, long time fan here loved the show. But i got myself in trouble because of you and i feel like i have to warn you / others.

    The offer with a free book from audible.com sounded like a swell idea, and having listened to you guys for a long time i trusted your word that this was an legit organization. However.

    They are running a major scam, if you take this offer you cannot stop your membership as described. Because for (according to a quick google search) more then 4 years, You have not been able to cancel your membership/subscription except by contacting customer support. Which is unreachable by phone. (the phone numbers listed on their contact site doesnt work).

    So i am in a bit of a pickle cause of you guys’. Love the show though.

  3. Hello!! Love the show, just started listening. (OK Just started listening to podcasts I’m super late to that bandwagon) Thought it might be a good idea for a future show to go more in depth about how to use macros. I have some but they are mostly /tar westfall chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken etc. Nothing that really improves my life or gameplay. :) Keep up the good work!

  4. The offer for Audible is great, but just as a word about the book demonstrated on the podcast, audible (like other parts of the amazon network) has lots of books that are not available outside of the USA. As a listener in UK I cannot get any warcraft books from audible (in fact im not sure if your offer works with audible.co.uk, or just audible.com anyway). Not saying audible isnt great – I have been a member for over a year and its great – but it does annoy me that I cant get the warcraft books.

  5. On the issue of bag sizes, I find it easy to fill my bags. I have a shammy with resto and elemental – thats up to two sets of gear, then pvp gear, then I always keep a selection of vanity clothes (cant have too many dresses!!). Food/Drink/Flasks, fun items (have to be able to throw baby spice you know!)….. Well it all mounts up fast!

  6. I love the instance, it’s the best wow podcast and it takes all the work out of researching all things world of warcraft. You people are the absolute best. Terpster (you might want to sit down)… Robert Redford is in “The Horse Whisperer” not Richard Tiffany Gere.

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  11. Hey there,
    In response to this. I was able to cancel the membership, they just made the link super super tiny at the bottom of the page. They also make you go through three or four webpages of “are you sure you want to cancel?” before they allow it.

  12. Hey Scott, who wrote that awesome song at the end? Thought you were planning to get better at crediting that kind of thing?

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