274 – MoP Finds it’s Voice!

Account wide achievements, the music is here, so are the voices, why people STILL don’t have beta access, Pandas now have homes in Org and SW, flight speed in MoP, quest reward systems, what of mentoring, BABIES, and what wow is to people who have never heard of it.

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5 thoughts on “274 – MoP Finds it’s Voice!

  1. I own (and love) all the wow soundtracks. During a 2 year hiatus from wow, I was afraid to listen to the music as it’s power and lure might draw me back to a game which I just didn’t have time for. The music is so vivid, expressive and now wrapped up with fond memories of game play. Scroll of resurrection brought me back to the game a couple weeks back and I am very happy to once again be listening to the music.

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