276 – Stay a while, and listen

Dills graduates, what happened TO WoW this week, and our impressions of all of it, people rushing through D3, Valve and Blizzard bury the hatchet, Blizzard does right by Australian fans, grinding in a MoP world, achievements and mounts, MoP before we think, a new way of telling story in these games, Annual Pass backfire, and Gerp’s Perfect Arrow!

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14 thoughts on “276 – Stay a while, and listen

  1. Been playing on a Guest Pass since Tuesday, it is somewhat fun in short bursts. Not sure I will ever buy the game, at least not until they fix the major issues. Loved D1 but found D2 was boring, and D3 has as much story as the other Diablo games. I think the severely lame DRM, draconian Auction House rules, lag for solo play… WTF, Error 37 and other errors on a game that has been in development for over 12 years is such a major step back for Blizzard. Ubisoft, BioWare and other Devs have pulled the same DRM and have gotten called on it… yet it is OK for Blizz to do it.

    • Not so! A friend of mine complained that he wouldn’t buy D3 because of the DRM. While it can be frustrating… at least it isn’t SecurRom(spelling?) or anything like that- EA tends to put that on their PC games often, and still are doing so in some capacity despite a court ruling over Spore.

      I think of D3 like I think of WoW- sans sub fee, so it doesn’t bother me. I’ll take the added convenience of Battletag achievements and the fluid join/drop feature, and not having to play an offline AND online character separately in order to enjoy my gameplay experience. At least it isn’t invasive-as-heck DRM. And there’s still no sub, which Blizz could’ve totally pulled with a F2P model, and then P2P in maybe using certain features. With the amount of the love for the game, they could have! :O

      At any rate, I think the errors should get fixed pretty soon. It was quite a massive launch, perhaps even bigger than WoW’s releases, since I know of ton of people who won’t touch WoW but were heavily excited for D3. Personally, I never got 37, but I have gotten 3006 and some other assorted errors solved on Windows 7 by checking “running as admin” and also the really nice quick fix of just creating a new D3 shortcut and adding -launch after the target field.

      • I capped out one of each Class on a Guest Pass. It was fun but WAY too damn easy, but until Blizz fixes the issues and the yo-yo lag which ONLY happens with D3 and not WoW or any other online game I have. I will save my cash for other worthy games. Plus… recently a bunch of the folks that I would be playing with have already beaten the game in less than a week and went back to WoW, Skyrim, ToR and other games.

  2. To Turpster,
    Diablo 2 plays on OS X 10.6, you just have to download 1.13 patch from Blizzard.

    To NeuroMan42,
    Not sure why are you playing a game that you found boring…
    Also just because it has been 12 years since last Diablo game doesn’t mean it was in development for 12 years

  3. Is there a place where I can find all the WOW parody songs that have been played on the podcast? Some like the rap on this one are pretty catchy.

    • Sorry I can’t be more helpful, but they did a music featuring episode a while back! It was quite fun.

      There used to be a link on the old site to all the music. I don’t see it here.D:

      In lieu of that, here’s my recs-

      Check out Cranius(one of the oldest/well known WoW parody artists), Nyhm(rap and quite catchy, oftentimes with Summergale- a very talented singer), Sharm(often on the rap WoW parody tracks), Druid Boyz(straight up rap), Emberslotte(pop WoW parodies), and more recently- KilledByMe on Youtube(Rap) is starting to get quite a following. Hope this helps your WoW music fix!

  4. Congrats Scott! My Enhancement Shaman will definitely find that trinket quite useful. Even if it isn’t a Grey Arrow of Gerp.:P That agility bonus is redonk. So much for stat inflation.XD

    Though also very cool- super useful for Hunters as well! Zeherah’s Crown I believe, it ended up being more useful to Enhancement Shamans than Hunters, heh.

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