277 – I want a Dragon Turtle

Pandas get an official land mount and it’s rad, get authenticated, daily quest cap no longer capped, the login in screen is a go, auction house on the go for D3, Gerp’s Perfect Arrow, estimating release is hard, your next WoW tattoo, Azerothian Appearances, and some solid talk about the wicked business of making MMO’s in a world where Blizzard is so dominate.

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11 thoughts on “277 – I want a Dragon Turtle

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  4. Looking forward to getting Gerp’s Perfect Arrow of Pwnage. I have to say after listening to your TOR podcast, you guys made me want to come back and check out your WoW podcast, and that, in turn got me back into WoW until at least MoP drops. Love the show.

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  7. I was with you on the “Curt feels so bad” thing right up until I found out they lied to their employees and claimed they had paid their mortgages and sold their homes before the move from MA to RI. They lied about this to their employees a year ago.

    Running a business into the ground is one thing and a risk we take when we accept jobs, but this is absolutely despicable. Frankly I don’t understand how you can remain a friend and apologist to someone responsible for outright fraud. That he “feels bad” is small comfort to the people who are now both out of jobs and stuck with a second mortgage on property they were falsely told was sold.

  8. I recently started up my WoW account again as of yesterday. Was a bit lost for like maybe an hour. Been out of WoW for about a year. Made a brand new Rogue/Gobby on Earthen Ring and was told that Rogues and Warlocks are seldom seen anymore. WTF?!? Rogue/Hunter/Warlock are my favorite three classes.

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