280 – The Blackest of Markets

So you want to flip a table, turpster and dills are in SLC for N12, Raid Testing begins in MoP, the black market, South Korea has some hot new laws for you gamers, some thoughts about Hell and Auctions in D3, some live calls, dealing with Douchebag Carl, and what Blizzard did for May NPD numbers. Did I mention we are all in the same city this weekend?

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10 thoughts on “280 – The Blackest of Markets

    • Is it weird that I totally listen to the Instance whenever I can even though:

      1) I’ve only been back in WoW for 1 month after an 11 month break
      2) I plan on dumping my WoW sub this month
      3) I primarily play TOR
      4) I have no desire to play WoW anymore


  1. Quick comment— I can’t find that video of the guy dying at L60 hardcore on belial.. link it?

    I couldn’t quite pinpoint the big draw of listening to the instance week after week (i came over to listen to instance proper from tor edition as a mostly retired wow player current tor player) but I believe I’ve determined it is turpster and the entertainment element he adds that keeps bringing me back.

    i’m not that interested in playing warcraft nowadays as my life has become too jam packed between work and my 18 month old. really enjoy keeping up via the instance shows though!

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