282 – End Game

Drakes and Achievements, is diablo III broken, guild mentoring is a thing, LFR roll system has changed, get your obsidian nightwing, busted loot, starting with the letter U, what does Blizzard make wow with, is WoW too slow now, and dude stabbed over wow argument! (Also, Valve is awesome.)

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20 thoughts on “282 – End Game

  1. Please stop talking about Diablo & other MMOs that the average WoW player would not of heard of, Week after week i come back expecting nothing more then WoW talk but obviously the focus of the show is so far off track that this is becoming the normal.

    I know it must be hard with not alot of content to talk about but it honestly wouldnt be that hard, There are alot of aspects of current content that you havnt even scraped the surface of or even know exist such as competetive PvP. You obviously dont show interest in this so maybe invite someone from a popular tutorial website such as arena junkies. This is not another “NOT ENOUGH PVP TALK” rant, im just so sick and tired of hearing about a game you assume WoW players play.

    • When you make your own Podcast then you have the obligation to choose what is said. Seeing as this is not your Podcast. Please, and I mean this is the sincerest way. Go fuck yourself.

  2. Despite what many are saying, the reason Diablo 3 doesn’t have the lasting appeal everyone was expecting is NOT because of a lack of content. Blizzard has even admitted already that the problem lies with the item-hunt. What they DON’T admit is that the item-hunt that was so successful in Diablo 2 has been severely impacted by the decision to put the Auction House at the heart of the game. Inferno is pretty much impossible without the best gear in the game, but the gear you need for Inferno has been made to be rare, and not merely rare for YOU, but rare for the entire playerbase of millions of players. That way, the only way to progress is to use the AH. It’s also why Set items and Legendaries practically don’t exist since they just never drop; for them to be rare on the AH and keep a high value, most players will never have one drop for them. Ever. And this is why people are losing interest in the game. Not because it needs more content or because it’s too repetitive, no: It’s because farming for items, the activity that kept people engaged in Diablo 2 for so many years, is very unrewarding in Diablo 3. It’s actually DESIGNED to be unrewarding, both to keep the prices on the AH high and to drive you there to spend money. That’s what all the fuss is about.

  3. I’m sick of hearing about diablo. I don’t own it, I don’t want to own it, and I definitely don’t want to hear anything about it. MMO champion posts pages of new content every day and you guys struggle to discuss it for longer than 10 minutes a week.

    • um were you sick of hearing about tor? Rift? come on bro its a blizzard game a great game at that dont knock it befor you try is and in the words of Jesus “commenter above”
      on July 19, 2012 at 6:22 am said:
      When you make your own Podcast then you have the obligation to choose what is said. Seeing as this is not your Podcast. Please, and I mean this is the sincerest way. Go fuck yourself.

  4. I have to agree with the guys above me. I’m kinda tired about the Diablo talk. I usually skip it which I feel bad for doing! I love you guys but WoW wasn’t discussed enough in this episode.

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  9. Whats the Name of the Horde Song 5 mins from the end of the recording, its brilliant.

    oh and i agree please less talk about diablo 3 , i don’t own it or care for it


  10. Just wanted to point out that the odds of all 25 players rolling a 100 is only 1 in 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. and yes that’s the real number not some made up amount. (1/(.01^25))=10^-50

  11. I’m sorry for adding to the general atmosphere of the comments, but D3 really holds no interest for me.It’s one thing to mention other mmos as a means of comparison, but there were so many things to talk about. Example; Jaina going neutral in mop. I love the show, and wish I could watch live every week, but more WoW, less D3 would be great.

  12. I appreciate the d3 talk, and think you fellas strike a good balance between wow and non-wow subjects, especially considering the content lull we are in. just because one plays wow, that doesn’t mean we have to love

  13. Thanks guys for being super funny and talking about relevant gaming stories for the community who listen to your podcast! I don’t play Diablo 3 and didn’t really want to play Diablo 3 until I heard people whose opinions I care about talking about it, and that includes you guys. Sadly, I can’t play because my Mac is too old. So I listen to your discussion about Diablo with chagrin.

    I do play WoW and that is what draws me to your show, but find it entertaining nonetheless when you talk about other topics as most engaging podcasts and hosts tend to do from time to time. For those who are WoW only gamers, I think it is healthy to hear about the larger gaming world, especially the world within Blizzard, to know where things are and where they’re going. The Blizzard gaming community is amazing and Diablo is a part of that. I am glad the gang at the Instance are informed on wide range of gaming and non gaming news.

  14. Listen, I’m all for hearing about Diablo. But this episode was mostly Diablo with some WoW news. If you want a Blizzard show, then make it a Blizzard show. Until then, this is the instance.

  15. While it would be cool if it was setup so theoretically everyone could win loot, if it were setup that way it would also be possible and probably more likely that no-one would win loot. Right now 20% of people win loot, and I expect the new system will award loot to the top 20% (5 people in 25 man), rather than giving everyone an independent 20% chance to win. In other words I would expect they would want to continue dropping the same amount of loot per kill so the team always feels like the kill was worth it. But actually, now that I’ve typed it out I’ve changed my mind…. this is for Raid Finder, its not a team. It’s individuals looking out for their own interest and they don’t care if no-one else gets loot. So now I expect it will work more like “if you roll an 80 or higher, you get loot regardless of what anybody else rolls”. Which is kinda what they said. Obviously they can adjust the chance to win as needed to keep people satisfied with their LFR loot intake.

  16. G’day mates, love the show, first time commentin’. I dun play wow anymore and your podcast is my way of getting my hit.

    This is regarding the comment about the new Spider-man movie (lol i know, not even about wow). The movie sucked! I’m a huge fan of spidey and the movies have fudged his rep up. This movie made no sense. in the comics Pete’s parents have nothing to do with who he is. he didnt see them die like Bruce Wayne, Bruce is allowed to cry. They make Pete cry sooo much in this. and Andrew’s face… *POW* *BOOM*

    I can jump higher than him and i dont have proportional abilities of a spider. The only way he can swing in this is he runs along the buildings. if he wants to swing properly he needs cranes lined up, just like a disabled person needs a ramp. how heroic. and he totally forgets about the guy who killed Uncle Ben. who cares i guess…

    Fuck it! i could go on all day…. stupid fucking movie.

    Keep up the good work. making quality entertainment with millions of $.

    Chimp out!

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