285 – The Cycle

We have Instance shirts! WoW Loses 1.1M Subscribers, Down to 9.1M, and some other interesting numbers as well, and what blizzard had to say about it, Blizzard wants to give you LFR later than you’d think in MoP, What are cutting edge achievements, Brewfest delayed one earth week, Dial-In Authenticators going away, A theory on instance items in the game, Turpster and Dills say it like it is, AIE remembers, and which will have more pandas: Alliance or Horde. BIG show today.

Special thanks to our sponsors this week: Audible.com, Doghouse Systems, and Typefrag.com. Get your guild web site going at GuildLaunch.com with the code “theinstance”. Great web hosting provided by ZeHosting!

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18 thoughts on “285 – The Cycle

  1. Is iTunes inserting adds into your podcast? I seem to remember an add playing over you guys last week, and a similar or the same add played this week at the beginning of the podcast. It was fairly annoying.

  2. The Instance: You might have to wait a week to zone-in to the next one, but at least you won’t have to wait for the blue bar!

  3. Hey guys. Just wondering if u really only get one email a week or just choose one or two for each show?

  4. would the new stricter laws against grinding and selling gold being put in place by some Asian countries account for a majority of the loss of subscribers? I’ve always placed the number of Bot/fake accounts at around 1-2 million

  5. Love this show… best gaming podcast even if its mostly about WoW. One correction: Dills and Turpster alluded to being able to buy stat gear in the GW2 cash shop… this is not true. You cannot buy gear with stats on it in the cash shop. You can buy gems, sell em for gold and buy crafted gear in the Trading Post, but the cash shop does not directly sell gear with stats. Just wanted to add that correction because the discussion made it sound like GW2 is just another pay-to-win game when it truly is not.

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  11. Eh what, you can’t buy gear in GW2 and they aren’t selling character power in the store. Don’t know who fed you that misinformation.

  12. I thought Dills would really appreciate this site: http://eephusleague.com/magazine/
    I know you mention his twitter address in the podcast but it would be nice if you had an about page that listed all that type of info. No way I’m going to go back and scrub through the audio show to try to find that info. Also, the link to your twitter account from The Instance site goes to your old twitter account, you might want to update that. And you mispelled Munchkin as “Munkin” on the Frogpants main page. Annoyed yet? 😛

  13. Nice show you guys. But Dills and Turpster were quite unfairly judgmental of GW2. You can’t buy gear, just cosmetic armor that you can’t even use in combat. The xp boost lasts an hour and is only a 10% increase. Love listening to your show regardless, but it would be great if you guys looked into the Gem Store of Guild Wars 2 and commented on it on the show.

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