287 – Stop Motion Bewbs

Cinematic time, all races are available in patch 5.0.4, BattleNet hack aftermath, professions are getting kinda crazy last second, Black Markets, what motivates you to come back, V likes us, use that painting in Dalaran, how long it takes blizzard to wow us, Turpster interviews some devs at GamesCom, and MORE!

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17 thoughts on “287 – Stop Motion Bewbs

  1. As far as lack of meme… Well mmo champ has a big thread with a screen grab of the human handing the Orc the sword and people are adding their own captions… There is some good stuff there…

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  9. I think it is excite I maybe play Panda too. I want to join guild. Can I be on your guild Scott? I like podcast very much. Want to meet you my friend. I agree. I want the crafting more easy. I’m very sorry you have trouble with the Deathdills. lol that is a funny name! Deathdills the blacksmith. maybe I can join the guild and be good friend too.

    I think toilet is so funny. ha ha my name toilet boy. it very dirty! lol!

    thx for show

  10. I’m sorry, but Scott is just completely talking out of his ass when he talks about how different Kung Fu Panda is from the trailer.

    It’s obvious he’s never actually watched any of those movies because he keep saying how the tone is completely different than the dumb kids movies and, sorry, but the tone of that trailer is IDENTICAL to the tone of the 2nd movie.

    The action choreography is the same. The sense of humor is the same.

    Now I personally have no problem that the two are so similar, but to be insisting that there’s no similarities beyond that there’s a panda that does kung fu is ridiculous.

    The two are vertually identical. And he’d know that if he knew anything about Kung Fu Panda outside of commercials for the movie.

    • Vertually?

      Anyway, the tone and tenor of the entire expansion (and cinematic) is wholly separate and indistinguishable from the Dreamworks movies. Seriously, stop with the Kung Fu Panda crap.

      They’re not the same.
      Pandaren came first.
      They’re not Kung Fu Pandas.
      TMNT had a samurai panda way before the Pandaren were ever dreamed up.

      They’re not Kung Fu Pandas. It’s a lazy argument. Come up with more creative ways to be a hater.

  11. I still think the entire addition of the Pandas (Which I know were there initially as a JOKE by Blizzard) is downright silly and childish. Don’t get me started on the damn Pokemon Battles thing… but I do admit that the trailer was cool (If a bit too stolen from Kung Fu Panda films) and I will make a Panda Monk, even got the name reserved on the server Peltlice. Why a Panda since I think they are lame… MAINLY because the animations that I have seen for all the other races Monks looks damn half-assed Blizzard. Still feel like this expansion feels like the last “hurrah” from Blizzard and WoW. The game is OLD, and most other MMOs are going the F2P direction or the GW2 direction. Blizzard could really drop the game to $10 and actually GAIN back folks that refuse to play. But we all know that the Blizzard that exists now is WAAAAAAY different from the company that started WoW. 😉

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