289 – To Patch a Thief

Some thoughts on GW2 to start us off, taking your calls today, the patch is here and we have lots to say about it, on an otherwise news-free week, some nice guides for your post patch lifestyle, Turpster has a shout-out from the ether, the Instance Movie, cookie cutter specs, more about Dills and The Giants, Computer Gaming World liked wow in 2001, and we give away that lunch box!

Special thanks to our sponsors this week: Audible.com, Doghouse Systems, and Typefrag.com. Get your guild web site going at GuildLaunch.com with the code “theinstance”. Great web hosting provided by ZeHosting!

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15 thoughts on “289 – To Patch a Thief

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  6. alright, let’s be honest: time to scrap tor edition and make a ‘the instance: guild wars edition’! that would make me super happy (and several hundred thousand other people)

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  8. So I’ve listened to about the 1:02:00 section of the podcast over and over…its where they ask the trivia question and give the prize to “BarryManilow”, but what I don’t hear is the answer to the question! I’ve replayed it over and over but I never hear it mentioned.

    The question is: “Who is the one character in all of World of Warcraft that you must obey?”

    Listening yet again to this section of the podcast…I still don’t hear the answer given. Does anyone know what it is?

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