291 – My Tight Little Area

Is activision / blizzard watermarking your screenshots, Pargon has a new 10 man paradigm, the Monk pet is on sale, Dev Reddit happend, WoW2 wold be what exactly, what of mass summon, will Azeroth advance, LFR is or isn’t working right, Locks can rename their demons, listener caught in a RIFT, megabloks giveaway, and an AWESOME interview with the creators of Pearl of Pandaria!

AND, if you want to win the Doomhammer we talked about on the show, listen to the end of the episode and enter to win! All the rules are there.

Special thanks to our sponsors this week: Audible.com, Doghouse Systems, and Typefrag.com. Get your guild web site going at GuildLaunch.com with the code “theinstance”. Great web hosting provided by ZeHosting!

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8 thoughts on “291 – My Tight Little Area

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  4. Harry Turtledove writes the “Worldwar” series of books that incorporate elements of both science fiction and alternate history. In Worldwar, aliens invade in the middle of the second World War. I have never read his books but I hear they are very good.

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  6. Sadly, we in the Zombie guild on Sen’jin have had to do the same thing. One of, if not the oldest guild on the server too. I enjoy 10 mans, and since there are no longer any benifits for running 25 mans, I am okay with it. In many ways 10 mans are more challanging. Lots of top guilds are going to be facing this problem. Premonition just collapsed, and they where a top guild at one time too. But we move on and make due. Still a great game.

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