293 – The Mists Have Cleared

Mr. Scott Johnson and one William Gregory have graced us with another Instance episode  complete with impressions of the Mists of Pandaria release. It is a tale of hardship, escape from the jaws of death, monkey-tech, and the licking of hobo armpits.

In other news, Blizzard is offering free transfers to less populated servers, “Offline Mode” will soon be in the hands of the anti-social, world first level 90 gets rolled back to 87, and the time of in-game binge drinking justification is here with the annual Brewfest.

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16 thoughts on “293 – The Mists Have Cleared

  1. Remember, with fast respawn rates you get LOTS of leather harvesting! Was a blast in northrend at the horde’s first outpost with all the nerubians spawning constantly, I stocked stacks of arctic fur and leather out the waaaazoooo while other folks killed and left the corpses to be harvested.

  2. Anyone having trouble downloading the new episode? Trying to get it this morning and I keep getting error code 3259. Tried disabling my firewall, but no such luck.

    • I double-checked everything and the episode seems to be in line. Are both the download and the stream failing?

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