294 – Best Monkey Tech

Turpster has re-joined our crew to bring you another great addition of The Instance. Gerp’s Perfect Arrow has been acquired, and strangely, it’s actually useful. Too many people people have an opinion about the subscriber numbers, mostly financial analysts. Lastly, video game monkey enthusiasts finally have another reason to rejoice since Donkey Kong…

Also, the first raid in MoP is now open to us all, Mogu’shan Vaults, and may God save our little broken bodies. Here is the current schedule for these Raid releases:

Wednesday, October 3 – Normal Mogu’shan Vaults
Wednesday, October 10 – Heroic Mogu’shan Vaults and first half of Mogu’shan Vaults on Raid Finder
Wednesday, October 17 – Second half of Mogu’shan Vaults on Raid Finder
Wednesday, October 31 – Normal Heart of Fear and Normal Terrace of Endless Spring (Must clear Heart of Fear first) with Heroic and Raid finder versions unlocking one week later.”

Video Version! If you are so inclined!

Special thanks to our sponsors this week: Audible.comDoghouse Systems, and Typefrag.com. Get your guild web site going at GuildLaunch.com with the code “theinstance”. Great web hosting provided by ZeHosting!

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12 thoughts on “294 – Best Monkey Tech

  1. I love the Instance, but I don’t see the added value of a “video” version, since all you get is the same screenshot for nearly 2 hours. I’d like to see the faces behind those mics.

  2. Thanks I’ve waited a long time for a videocast of sorts..
    I hope you add webcams soon :)

  3. That’s laughable. The video version of this shit is just the instance title. Whoever thought that would be a good idea to call it that is a moron and deserves to be hit in the face with a hammer.

    I laugh so hard at this podcast and not because the hosts are funny but because most of the time Scott Johnson is practically brain farting his way through an hour and a half. Turpster is probably the most knoweledgable of the bunch and I enjoy his long rants. Dills of course barely requires an opinion because he’s a little bitch who likes baseball (LOL MOST BORING SPORT). This podcast is really bad but the productions are better than most who do it over skype. Thumbs fucking way down for this P.O.S

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  7. Don’t worry, mages are still massively OP at max level. Leveling though is a different story – my baby disc priest normally beats mages and warlocks on the damage meters.

  8. This is the best podcast i listen to, however i listened to a Horde For Life cast awhile back and i found i so informative, you learn stuff as they actually discuss meat and potatoes of the game.

    However let it be known that I’ve pretty much moved to Guild Wars 2 and am listening to a few casts on that game now which leaves no time room for wow casts anymore.

    Overall Cross Realm destroyed the game i play.

    In WoW you hate the existence of other players if you’re a PVE player. In Guild Wars to you absolutely love other players. Guild Wars 2 is a heck of allot better than i thought it was going to be and even after several weeks i stil can’t get enough. If CRZ wasn’t in wow not sure I’d actually pay 15 a month for it anymore tbh.

    I have feeling that CRZ was to make wow look like Guild Wars 2 in terms of tons of people playing. Sure i now has allot of people playing in the old zones, problem is that what worked 8 years ago doesn’t work well by cramming all these people in from different servers.

    In Guild Wars 2 you feel like the server is alive with tons of happy players, in wow it feels dead with tons of angry PVE players. The best part is if it were not for the CRZ i would have never given Guild Wars 2 a second thought. lol

    Anyway just wanted to say thanks for making the commute a heck of allot nicer over the years, and I’m honestly going to miss this show and you guys.

  9. It’s funny, I stumbled upon you guys when I wanted to find people who actually enjoy this new expansion. I completely agree with your argument regarding “vanilla” not being particularly difficult if moreso just frustrating. What I find funny is that players who put on the rose glasses say they miss the days of attunement /keys etc but are in an uproar about the abundance of optional rep daily grinds in the Xpac. I mean atleast I can walk into a heroic without doing a single daily, when in TBC I had to have a certain rep status to get into a heroic then. I personally enjoy the direction the game has taken. Looking forward to hearing more shows.

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