Patch 5.1 in the PTR

As expected, Blizzard has a lot of changes headed our way that are in the PTRs now, and some of the pending changes are… interesting. Generally speaking, after an expansion hits there are certain classes that become clear winners in both raiding and PvP. And, as a result, the first big patch post-expansion usually includes some fundamental changes in an effort to level the playing field. This time around would seem to be no exception. Here are a couple of changes I would like to highlight:


  • Steady Shot, Cobra Shot, and Barrage can be cast on the move. ¬†This huge for hunters. HUGE. If you believe the forums then now each of the three hunter specs are scrapping the bottom of the dps charts. This is undoubtedly an effort to improve those numbers.


  • ¬†Pyroblast now has a 3 second cooldown. For as lacking as Hunters are, Mages are on the other end in both PvE and PvP. The introduction of this will nerf Mages in a big way, maybe too much. But you know, Blizzard never overcompensates, right? Not to mention the numerous changes being made to PvP.


  • Wound Poison now deals 33% more damage. This one is definitely a needed buff for rogues, but it may be too little too late.

For a complete list of the 5.1 changes, check it out here.

10 thoughts on “Patch 5.1 in the PTR

  1. That is me the Toilet Bunny – and that stupid fish is Ghostcrawler he is wrecking my dps.

    You knwo I am happy you comment on patch. so do not think I am say you are so stupid or not helping others.


    Warrior of Arms and fury have big damage nerf! and they nerf all my attacks

    I Wish to throw dog poo on blizzard company step now so they are getting shit all over their shoes. I am so angry at this!
    And why you not mention this Warrior nerf?! I know Scott and Dills is hunter but I AM VERY ANGRY AND STRONG WARRIOR!

    I wish to make some bag of poo and then mail to blizzard inside a box that has special wrap so it is not smell. Then they open it and many many smell poo fall all over! Ha ha that is good idea.

    If I am on the toilet maybe I thinking of pooing on the Blizzard Girls! They are American California so maybe they want that and it is no punishment for my WARRIOR NERF!!!

    I am so angry now! Blizzard is so stupid Maybe I am playing guild wars 2 and Lineage because they are making my warrior a fat dog baby!

    You better change your post and talk about warrior nerf in patch. You are so wrong and foolish if you don’t. It making me think you not liking warrior!

    I still like the show though and I hope Scott, Durpster, and Dills health is very good.

    Your friend

    Toilet Bunny

  2. obvious troll is obvious…. I LOL’d, anyone else heard Ding Pong’s voice in your head reading this?

  3. “warlock sitting back and laugh in delight for mages that get nerfed while we get buffed even when we close to top”

  4. I not troll you wongseongee warcraft potatoe! I am angry in Corea! But, I am still friend to you even if you making funny things of me. I just am still very angry at Blizzard for Warrior nerf!

    I also very hate Warlock because I think they arr evil. but please still play one because then I smack you when you turn into black floating dung… look like purple poo form and so good to execute evil warlock.

    anyway i still hope for the best of you. even if you are not good very kind warrior like me.

    also now i am anger that i see no show! what are you doing Scott? are you on your toilet with your ipone playing game all day! you need to eat some kim chee and beckchu lettucee so you can move your bowels more quickly

    ha ha

    i looking forward to friday show!

    ur friend

    Toilet Bunny! (in Corea)

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