297 – We All Scream for Hellscream

After a wonderful Blizzgone we decided to celebrate even further with a much more chipper and alert Turpster and Dills for this edition of The Instance. In Johnson news, Scott has much less reason to be ashamed for running a top World of Warcraft podcast, as last week his main toon has finally hit 90 (Dills still hasn’t by the way). Also, Blizzard execs tease the next WoW expansion, hunters get buffed (kinda), our alts may get flying sooner, and more.

We should have some contest info coming soon via Facebook where you can win T-shirt via a collaboration between Scott and Doghouse Systems. Once we do, I’ll post in the info here and Scott will definitely post the info on the Twitter.

Special thanks to our sponsors this week: Audible.comDoghouse Systems, and Typefrag.com. Get your guild web site going at GuildLaunch.com with the code “theinstance”. Great web hosting provided by ZeHosting!

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3 thoughts on “297 – We All Scream for Hellscream

  1. I would just like to say the idea for football came from the British who had two names for each type of sport. Those played on horseback and those played on your feet. Anything played on your feet was under the general name football. American’s just made a whole bunch of new rules over the years to make the game more interesting and didn’t change the general name. (In the late 1800’s football had almost no rules and different colleges and towns played the game differently with a different set of rules everywhere you went. Some even still played with the ball completely on the ground like soccer.) So in general I blame the British for this confusing debacle.

    Great show as always. I hope it never ends.

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