298 – How secure is secure?

Scott, Dills, and Turpster have joined us once more to give everyone their steady diet of WoW-iness. First, pirate-enthusiast, Mr. Scott Johnson, describes the light show that is cataract surgery and what a difference a bionic eye makes for 3D gaming. Blizzard makes it quarterly earnings call with a few interesting tidbits about the health of WoW and what’s in our gaming futures. Also, in response to a player-filed class action lawsuit regarding player’s information security, Blizzard’s defense is a firm “Nuh-uh!” filed in California court. Finally part-time assassin, Colleen Lachowicz, is now also a part-time Senator from the state of Maine, and let us all be looking forward to the impending Alliance death camps.

Our trio also gets a chance to weigh on a few important questions you folks have had. How should WoW be archived when the time comes to shut it off? Does WoW have ghosts? Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near? All of this… (sound effect)… and more.

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7 thoughts on “298 – How secure is secure?

  1. The iTunes feed for #298 appears to be borked at the moment; getting a (-39) Unknown error at the moment.

    • Still getting that issue? I double-checked all of the links above and they appear to be working normally.

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  5. I quit World of Warcraft – my subscription is now canceled and run out. I just hit 80 on my REAL Warrior in Guild Wars 2 . WOW is game for stupid evil spell caster. You all are poo heds.

    I hateed how my WOW Warrior can not get good hit with execute and mortal strike is now poopy too.

    I hate wut developers did to game after vinllia and BC to nerf my warrior.

    I hope thye all go broke and have to beg for poops on the street. cuzthat is wut my warrior was a pooper.

    i still like scoot and Tupster even though they are so dirty. maye i need to clean ears with soap after i listen ha ha. Scott is on toilet playing wow on his doghouse i bet. He needing to eat Korean cabbage that is made so delicious then he can poop faster.

    thanks for instance.

    Please tell me where and name of charter for scott and tupster in guildwars 2?

    Iwant to be their friends!

    thankyou very much

    your friend,

    Toilet Bunny

  6. I have to 100% disagree that Blizzard customer service is standard setting….in fact I believe they are the farthest from it. I’ve worked in IT customer service professionally for at least the last decade and can say with complete confidence Blizzard has some of the worst customer care ever.

    I’ve had to call for various reasons over the course of my 6 years of playing and I have yet to get a live person on the phone. Most times I get a message that the queue is full and it disconnects the call. This occurs anytime of the day – morning, afternoon, and night. The one time I did manage to get connected, I waited for 60 minutes until my cell phone dropped the call. While the DC was my fault the overwhelming experience was wholly on blizzard.

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