300 – Ding!

Ladies and gentlemen we have reached another Instance milestone with episode #300. We laughed, we tried not to cry, and there were countless well-wishes from both Blizzard employees and our beloved fans alike. With all of that said, we decided to celebrate #300 with a good, old-fashioned episode complete with Johnson-pulling, Giants love, and drinking of the Brit-like variety. The new patch 5.1 is discussed at length, people have to get invited to the Brawlers Guild, there’s no take-backs with Upgraded Items, and we have new quest lines to daily.

Our beloved crew also discusses the future of the Instance. What does happen when Titan hits us and WoW is eventually shut off? All of these items are tackled along with some very special messages from great folks.

Do you have questions? Be sure to email us at theinstance at gmail dot com or leave us a voice mail at 206-202-3-WOW (206.202.3969)

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12 thoughts on “300 – Ding!

  1. HI Puuter Scoot and Gills!

    I have not played WOW in 2 weeks! ha ha ha it so dumb now! It was fun when execute was cool on my arms warrior in BC! Now it is dumb.
    I playing Baldurs Gate Enhanced edition! And I play guild war 2!

    Also I use the toile tm any times as I eat many vegtible!

    So like show though tupster still funny lil pooer!

    Hope u all are well!

    Mayb next big patch like 3-4 months i will sign for a nother month?

    anyhow keep pooing regular! eat some spicy kim chee like me!

    my fart smell so bad and pooing so smooth!

    stop playin on toilet with ur doghouse lap top!

    dont eat so many pizza and hamburger!

    ur friend

    Toilet Bunny!

    also wut realm in Guild war 2 you on – I want to help you out!

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  3. You constantly mention AIE and the shear volume of players, yet you sit 2 hours in a dps que. So basically no tanks or heals in your guild.

  4. Sounds like your realm group is weird for some reason. My queues as dps are usually 5-10 minutes. Sometimes rarely it might be up to 15 minutes. On my tank character queues are instant-1 minute.

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  9. Scott, you could have joined /aielfg and you’d have had dozens of people ready to queue with you! Leave the 2 hour queues for the rest of us Plebs and Cohorts!

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