The Patch Has Been Upgraded, But it Costs Valor

The Patch 5.1 is now live and things are going through the typical hotfix, complain, hotfix, and so on. We all knew what we were going to get, new quest hubs, new gear, new scenarios, Upgrade-able Gear, the Brawler’s Guild, and new rep grinds with new rep rewards (adding more dailies of course). Just anecdotally, on one the hand I’m not really looking forward to more dailies, but it is very nice to have a daily that isn’t purely face-roll easy. On top that, it essentially forces players to engage in PvP (on a PvP server) if they want the new faction reputation. Being on a PvP server, this is certainly nothing new for me and mine but it is a nice change of pace during dailies nonetheless. Friendly advice: Do not attempt to storm the enemy base while being attacked by four well-geared PvP players, there’s a raid-level boss in there. And, if you die in the keep, it’s quite difficult to leave.

One of the more discussed features with this patch is the ability to upgrade pieces of gear when you spend either Justice or Valor points (PvE), depending on what piece it is. There are many conflicting opinions about this feature. For many, it would seem to be a welcomed change because it allows yet another avenue for folks to get better level gear without have to rely on the luck of the draw. On the other side I have seen the argument be made that it essentially causes a significant amount “gear inflation.” While that could be true, at the very least it must be acknowledged that it does give greater access to higher level gear for more people. Apparently, Blizzard does not view this as a bad thing. And considering how relatively few people actually go through endgame content, making this more accessible while leaving the hardcore at their stature is probably best for everyone, but a very difficult balance.

The largest portion of the patch, and probably oddest content, is the Brawlers Guild. Oddly enough it’s not available to everyone immediately, especially if you can’t afford it. For me, I have never fully understood what the Brawlers Guild actually is. And I’m not alone, one Blizz post attempted to clarify what the goals of the Brawlers Guild are. Even still, it doesn’t seem especially appealing but I shall give a try when it’s available to me just the same. Any early impressions out there of the Brawlers Guild or the rest of 5.1?

Lastly, and congrats to all, we got featured on Blizzard’s Community Spotlight.