302 – Embrace the Tillers


Mr. Scott Johnson and William Dills have returned again for another entertainment-filled episode of the Instance. Last week Turpster found a passion for horticulture and went to Cameroon in order to research the mating habits of the Serenity Lavender Bliss, he has not been heard from since. Despite this setback our team delivers future patch news, Stockton speaks to the daily grind, Blizzard gives us yet another hint of Diablo coming to consoles, and Asheron’s Call II is back from the dead. All of this and more on this episode of the Instance.

For this week’s Town Cryer, Customer Service gets weird for international players, one listener thinks player’s should get rested experience points for reputations, the Horde is becoming the man, and Hunter pets shouldn’t have Growl on when going to a raid boss… bad things happen. Stampede + Growl = a very pissed off tank. Lastly, the team gives everyone a brief overview of WoWkemon, an addon for those into Bet Battles.

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7 thoughts on “302 – Embrace the Tillers

  1. Night Elves are oddly shaped? Have you seen Blood Elves, Orcs, Goblins, Trolls or Taurens recently? Scott, I think you are blinded by your fanboy-ism.

    While both factions are in a desperate need of remodelling, Alliance races are the most adequate. Except Draenei male, of course.

  2. Re: Hunter dps. One thing you neglect to mention, (you both play Hunter mains, so it’s forgivable} is the fight. Ranged friendly fights are the norm so far in MoP. Melee are struggling just to stay alive, with the floor hidden under ten spell effects, and their dps suffers terribly as a result. I see this across several raid teams in my guild. The most talented melee are almost always 20% behind even competent ranged players on most fights.

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  6. “Lastly, the team gives everyone a brief overview of WoWkemon, an addon for those into Bet Battles.”

    What’s a Bet Battle? Also, in the sentence above that, “player’s” should read “players.” Sorry, it’s a foible of mine.


    Way! JAJINGNA How come pod cast is not up yet? Why ur always late?

    Please get off your toilet and put up the new podcast Tupster is on commode with his dog house laptop shooting poop balls of fire like a gnome wizzy wiZard!

    Get busy and put up podacast

    I like u guys.


    UR best friend in COREA

    Toilet Bunny

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