303 – Scenario-HO HO!


One William Dills and Mr. Scott Johnson have entered into the fray once more to deliver premium audio entertainment. Mark Turpan said something about making his own Mayan Calendar to be misinterpreted one day in the future, only to explicitly say that the world is ending on a particular day in the future (which turns out to be the past), and he has not been heard from since. New 5.2 patch information has been floating to the top of our particular WoW toilet, players can gain bonus reputation in scenarios and dungeons, pet battles will be able to grant Lesser Charms of Good Fortune, and we now have our first screenshot of the new Thunder Isle raid. And, in other Blizzard news, Mike Morhiem is now saying that after Heart of the Swarm is released then the focus of the company will shift to Blizzard All-Stars for beta.

Also, our dynamic duo also pretends to give relationship advice to all who want to listen. I suppose they are actually giving advice, which is not really pretending, whether that advice is valuable or not remains to be seen. Should you pursue a relationship with a person who doesn’t play video games themselves and is only okay with you doing it? And, no one seems to be discussing the Monk class very much in the podcasting community. Is that indicative of the class not being useful or unique? Scott and Dills will give us answers!

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