CE edition of Mists signed by EVERYONE contest!



Good news! We are giving away this awesome, signed by the wow devs copy of the Mists of Pandaria: Collectors Edition!

So, what do you have to do? It’s simple! Leave a comment in this post, telling us why YOU think you should win! Anyone can win! We’ll ship this anywhere in the world!

So get to commenting! We will run this contest till our new episode which will air on the 11th of January! GO GO GO!

835 thoughts on “CE edition of Mists signed by EVERYONE contest!

  1. Well I have recently found The Instance and love it. Having been in and out of WoW since closed bet I think it would be nice to have. Plus I was the Zombie that ate TDog in episode 4 of The Walking Dead so that has to count for something right? I proudly displayed my Horde battle flag right in the back of our stunt equipment hauler on the set of TWD. Great show guys, I listen to this and Film Sack while on set or driving to it. Great job.

  2. Pfft, because I’m not like these hipsters, begging for something really rad. Pffft….((But seriously I am wanting this 😛 ))

  3. 1) I am exalted with The Instance
    2) I have grinded your weeklies since Lich King at normal speed
    3) I tolerated the many Buxley debuffs
    4) I have 2 needs in life: spaghetti and signed Collectors Editions…and I’m all out spaghetti.

    Dig the show and cheers!

  4. Just getting back into WoW after college got in the way, this thing is amazing! Just a little piece of these crazy amazing people who develop the game we all love. Much appreciation for them.

  5. I am the lone wolf. I have endured many trials through my years in WoW. My friends and I started out with a big group, then it was down to just me playing. Cata came, and the whole huge group was back together. Then it was just me. The MoP dropped like the Panda Express, and everyone was all excited again…for about a month. Yet, I am still here, fighting the good fight, repping my way up to exalted. Right now I am at 18350/21000 with Frogpants. Only a few more Instances, Filmsacks, TMS, Autopilot, and Final Scores to go!!!! So, as a lone wolf, I wouldn’t have to share this CE with anyone….it would be mine, all mine….my precioussss……

  6. I would love to have this!!! I recently opened my own design and development studio in Mexico and this is the kind of fuel that gets us going. Not only would it inspire some of my co-workers and my buisness partner but it would also mean so so sooo much to the whole organization. Thanks a lot!

  7. Because I need something beyond awesome for the new shelves above my computer. Their so sad and empty, they need some signed Collectors Edition goodness.

  8. Well hello! my name is Mike and im from Florida. early in 2012 i joined the U.S. Army as a 19D cav scout. all the way up until i shipped out for basic i was a huge wow fan. expecting that to be in the past i went on my merry way. but in basic training i found some buddies who re-lit the passion for Warcraft. iv been out of training and here at my 1st duty station for some time and two of the few things keeping my sanity are World of Warcraft and The instance. both of which i cant get enough of. so from your soldier fans here i say thanks and keep up the show 😀 oh and i could really go for a collectors edition.

  9. I actually dont want it. I would love for my son to get it. See he got me hooked on WoW about four years ago. And despite my playing this wonderfull game for four years. I still play like a newb. I get lost regularly, get pwnd every single time im in a BG and i dont raid with my guild because if i did i would probably get booted from it. im like that caller the other day .. shamed and yet happy to be here. im that tedious in a group. However, My son has held my hand through most of my raids and dungeons where i cant solo, withstood the anger of his friends and guildies by bringing me on raides and dungeons where i have literally been told to stand in a corner and dont touch anything. He deserves this because he insists on teaching me the lore of the game every time we get on skype together for a run and to top it all off … he moved out so he could play the game more without his father yelling at him cause his Dad hates the game.. therefore.. I think he not only would love this box signed by all that Genious he would cherish it and he kinda deserves it.

  10. I would love this I passed up on the CE of pandaria and wish i wouldnt have and what a way to get it!

  11. I like traffic lights, but only when they’re green.
    So, am I the winner?

    There are some who call me… Tim?

  12. I’ve been playing WoW since classic (right after Dire Maul came out). My very first character, and main for classic and BC, was a hunter. I’ve had a lot of hardships in the past years, but one thing that helped me get through it all was the friends I made playing WoW. There are some people I’ve known since BC that still play and we’re still in the same guild. I currently can’t play WoW because my apartment was broken into and my laptop stolen (along with all my other tech stuff). I was able to get my old laptop back, so I installed Linux and I try to get in vent when I can or post on the guild forum.

    Keeping the connections alive is important to me while I save for a new computer (mayhaps a doghouse system, eh? :P). In all the years and through the countless hours I’ve devoted to the game (8 85’s back in cata), I’ve never gotten a special or collector’s edition of WoW. Receiving this CE edition would be a special boost for me in getting through this low time of not being able to play with my friends. Thank you for considering me!

  13. I should win because I have every single Warcraft game made, including 4 different versions of Warcraft 3 with different covers.

  14. Ahhhh! This is my favorite WoW podcast and I listen to a lot of them. Scott, you Dills and T just make my Fridays enjoyable. As a poor college student turned to just plain poor person this show always brings some joy to my life even while living in hillbilly central Nebraska. The CE of Mists signed by everyone would be such a great surprise in my otherwise bleak and boring life. Love WoW been playing since Vanilla, and I love this show. Even if I don’t win I just want you to know you guys are the best! Keep up the good work! Lok’tar! FTH!

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