Thunder Isle – 5.2

It’s a Christmas miracle! Through some backdoor wheelings and dealings, and an agreement I made with a man who found a box that fell off of a truck, we have the first screenshot available of the new raid instance in the 5.2 patch, Thunder Isle. This image is apparently just outside of the raid instance. Seems… cozy?

We’ve also received an official statement from Blizzard:

Happy Holidays from the World of Warcraft team! Here’s a small present
to tide you over until the new year.

I’m in.


3 thoughts on “Thunder Isle – 5.2

  1. I can’t wait to try both patches once I get MOP. Really excited to see heat roles the night elves play in this expansion

  2. Vanessa why you not buy Mists yet?! IS you poor?

    Ha ha it is dum anyway i unsubsribed so dont worry if ur poor

    have fun time!


    Toilet Bunny

  3. I wouldn’t be worried about 5.2 coming out too soon. Big patches like this usually stay for 3 months on the PTR. I’d guess we’ll see the patch in march at the earliest.

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