304 – Welcome to the Thunderdome


In an unprecedented move the Instance podcast has decided to have all three of it’s hosts for this episode. After an exhaustive fact-finding tour of the Siberian hill tribes, Turpster discovered that it is “quite cold” up there and subsequently decided to return home to a less obsessive climate. This week our team discusses the Thunder King (insert wrestling smack-talk here), 5.2 is live on the PTR, aerial combat comes to light again, and the phasing system gets out of hand, all of this and more.

You know, the big three are popular folks and, as a result, some folks can get caught in the headlights when they address our beloved crew. My only advice is be yourself and just ask your question, perhaps even write it down beforehand. That being said, we have nervous-caller questions that need answers! This week our crew tackles some PvP strats, character models existence in question, and apparently people needs more zombies. Also make sure you put a comment in our giveaway post, the drawing shall be next week.

Do you have questions? Be sure to email us at theinstance at gmail dot com or leave us a voice mail at 206-202-3-WOW (206.202.3969)


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7 thoughts on “304 – Welcome to the Thunderdome

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  4. Just an FYI on the Blade-Lord fight, Dills … you can take the slipstreams on either side of him during the storm phase to get to the other side quickly.

  5. Hey guys love the podcast one day i’ll get to listen live 😀 looking for your guild on book of heroes but no luck do you have a link to your twitter for it? would love to join you.

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