305 – Cleaning up the big cities


So, as the saying goes, one step forward and two steps back. We have apparently regressed back to our two lovely hosts as Turpster did not adhere to the “Don’t lick hobo armpits.” rule, and is now down and out with the pox. We all wish him a speedy recovery. And so, once again, our crew opens with some weather talk, but luckily the discussion moves on to Warcraft. Dills recounts his heroic efforts of soloing bosses now that he’s beast master spec and Scott gives us the news that people in the big cities are now actually fixing the destruction that Deathwing reigned down an expansion ago. Also, PTR data mining has revealed “Defense of Alehouse” which most people believe is a DotA style battleground in development. In other news, for those of you feeling like you’re not paying enough for Warcraft, the Swift Windsteed can be yours for a mere $25, and more power to you.

Our Instance team loves to take your calls and emails, the this week the team discusses adding more items to the PTR, players actually getting a place to live, and the big “what if” game of real people getting sucked into the game and living out your life. Also, Scott and Dills discuss the rise of streaming media in Mists as well as in the gaming scene in general. And lastly, the long awaited contest comes to a close and, ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

Do you have questions? Be sure to email us at theinstance at gmail dot com or leave us a voice mail at 206-202-3-WOW (206.202.3969)


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7 thoughts on “305 – Cleaning up the big cities

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  4. I am abit sad over the contest for the signed MoP box.. it seemed as it would be as the contest with the doomhammer and i rofled alot reading comments and so on thinking “this guy will win!” and in the end it was all set to random..i dunno i feel violated.

  5. The pox has been running rampant through our house over the last few days. Our best to Turpster for a speedy recovery. Scott and Dills, keep bringing the funny!

  6. Did anyone catch the name of the anime the caller based his question off? Sounded interesting and I’d like to check it out.

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