306 – Welcome to Joyland


In continuation of our host drama series, also known as the Instance, Scott and Turpster join us this week while Dills is off doing his Saturday-like adventures. This week our hosts discuss the rather abrupt departure of Jay Wilson from the Diablo project to move on to something else. It should be noted that he has not left Blizzard, he as only stopped work on Diablo. Let the conjecture commence! In other news our hosting duo gets into the 5.2 official notes, a ton of pictures have surfaced about “Blizzard-themed” amazement park in China, and one development water cooler discussion about how Blizzard tunes encounters is worth the read.

You all have questions, and we pretend to have legitimate answers. One fellow has not had a friend contact them via Real ID in over 43 years… it’s at this point that I should remind people that WoW is only 8 years old. Also, Scott and Turpster inform everyone about which chat room one should actually attend in order to view the live stream and when they actually schedule shows so all may observe the history in the making.

Do you have questions? Be sure to email us at theinstance at gmail dot com or leave us a voice mail at 206-202-3-WOW (206.202.3969)


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