308 – The Dawn of Dragons


Welcome, once again, to an exciting episode of The Instance. In our continued effort to have people believe that only have two hosts, Scott Johnson is joined by Mark Turpan in this week’s discussions. On this episode, Scott discovers a new-found love of the game, the T weighs in on the Warcraft movie, D3 and WoW subs announced in an earnings call, Blackstone finally comes to light from last year, Macro’s are finally getting some love, 10% nerf coming to 5.0, and lots more!

This week in emails, why do Scott and Turpster pick the classes that they do, and why some leave the game and others go strong throughout. There’s no denying that people have a fondness for their characters, especially the ones they started with. I don’t know if you all know this, but Scott has an attachment to Gerp and Henry… some would say too much of an attachment. I’m sure his wife knows, right?

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6 thoughts on “308 – The Dawn of Dragons

  1. Tupster is a very funny man. I did not know he was a homosexual person. He is so happy about the gay couples who getting married. I thought he like girls before. Is he transgender?
    I am still unsubscribe to world of warcraft. These days I went to Philippine on vacation. It is so sad and terrible. Many children have no home and are beggars. It is like the nation of Korea 40 years ago when I was a boy. You should start a charity for them too. I buy the beggars many foods but no money because I think they use it for bad thing.

    Do you play on earthen ring? Maybe I go there and play a Blood Elf warrior. If I play can we be friend together? You can start a shaman like you say and we can be friend? Is it ok? I am not gay man wanting to have sex with you. I don’t want many moneys from you as well. I just think we can be good friend as you are so funny and cute. Dills is not so funny he is kind of the straight smart guy on show.

    Anyway I can play alliance human and attack you many times too. You are on Earthen ring? Want me to attack you there?

    Anyway I need to study more English Speaking. So I am sorry if my letter is poor. I hope you and Tupster are ok. Tupster is sick many times because he drink many beers. This makes body systems weaker. Also, I am thinking he is not eating many Kim Chi foods. In Korea we have radish, carrot, and cabbage Kim Chi. I recomend he is eating Kim Chi to have good health. In this way he can not be on toilet so long with his doghouse laptop trying to poo. He may tear his anus with this stress. I think maybe he just eat meat pies and fish and chips. So he is not pooing easily. I worry about Tupster. I hope to meet you at Blizzcon next year. If you want I can bring some Kim Chi for you. Then you can shoot all over hilton toilet and make hotel cleaner so angry.

    Please mention warrior more. I am angry my warrior not as fun as guild war 2 warrior. Where you play in guild war?

    thanks for funny show,
    your friend,
    Toilet Bunny

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