310 – A plain white room


You ever have that feeling when things just appear too good to be true, and then you wake up buried alive in a shallow Mexican grave with nothing but a thin layer of dirt to cover you? I equate that analogy with our hosting trio, of which we only have two this week. To be fair, it’s fairly expensive to do an entire show with one of our hosts pretending to be two people, so enjoy it when it happens. On this episode of The Instance, Blizzcon is making a big comeback in November, Diablo 3 finally makes it official with consoles, a HUGE interview coming to the show next week, we check the 5.2 temperature and see if it’s still planning on coming out next week, the middle class of WoW, account bound leveling ideas, one listener just ain’t feeling talented, what 10 years of wow will mean in 2014, how Bungie and Blizzard might surprise us, and lots more!

This week in emails, is there an even greater significance to Blizzard halving our leveling progression per expansion? Could both the upcoming Bungie title ‘Destiny’ and Blizzard’s Titan be able to play nice together, or could it be that they are essentially the same kind of game? And finally, are the new character talent systems making individual characters less unique? These questions shall be answered in the order that they were received.* Also, be on the look out both on the site and on Twitter for the upcoming interview with Greg Street this week.

*This is in no way a statement of fact.

Do you have questions? Be sure to email us at theinstance at gmail dot com or leave us a voice mail at (801) 471-0462 (Please note that this number has CHANGED)


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7 thoughts on “310 – A plain white room

  1. Hey guys Great show. Just started listening a few months ago and been listening to the shows lots of you’r old shows. Definitely the best Warcraft Podcast around in my opinion. Thanks for the hours and hours of entertainment!

    Keep it up

      • I gotta download iTunes just to leave you guys a 5 star comment. Then I could be mentioned maybe on an upcoming show and fulfill a Real Life 100 point achievement. My life would then feel more complete.

        (Sorry was just a little bored and was browsing you’r guys awesome site)

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