Interview with Danielle Mackey

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Scott had a chance to sit down with Danielle Mackey, one of the contestants on this season of King of the Nerds, and a big Youtuber where she covers WoW in a way that few do. We got to talk about her life in the game, what she misses, and what she loves about WoW to this day, and a whole lot more. This is the first of many “extra” interviews coming to the instance soon!

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6 thoughts on “Interview with Danielle Mackey

  1. When the music started playing I thought this was going to be some sort of in memoriam thing. I thought,” OMG, Randy is dead!” I was happy to find out that it was an interview show and not as sad as the music had lead me to believe. Great interview with a great guest.
    Long live Randy Deluxe.

  2. I completely loved this interview! This Girl should be part of the instance! She’s smart, funny, and really added some value to the wow discussion. I wish it would have been a bit longer ,as i’m sure there could have been much more to talk about :) Thanks for hosting her :)

  3. Great interview! I loved the her suggestion on incentivizing groups entering LFR as a means to promote (or at least not penalize) playing with friends/realmmates.

  4. Hello Scott!

    I miss you! Can you invite me in your guild? My character name is Macaskill. I make him on your world to play with your Blood Elf. But I am not finding you play!

    Please invite me to AIE!

    I will send you nice present in mail.

    I hope you are ok on your dawghouse laptop in you private place playing and pooping many times.

    If you want I send you Kim Chi in Utah and dried squid with laver!

    Send me email with address. Or your company address too.

    I hope we can be great friends. Please come see me in Corea!

    Your friend,

    Toilet Bunny

  5. Great interview, I got little confused when she said Bungie disbanded and it must be a FPS. All of that is false Bungie is alive and well working on destiny also we have no idea what Titan is. If they don’t reveal something Blizz is crazy; I fully expect an announcement at Blizz Con this year

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