More 5.2 Patch Notes and hats…

We’ve got a ton of new data from the 5.2 PTR, including currency conversions that will be taking place. According to the Big Bad Blizz (that’s a great would-be show title btw), all Valor will be converted to Justice and anything above the 4000 Justice point cap will be paid 47 silver per point, all of this. From now on, I’m calling this Operation Clean Slate.


Also, Lesser Charms of Good Fortune will no longer be used to buy Elder Charms, now they will be used to buy Mogu Runes of Fate. Apparently the conversation will be the same as before, 90 lesser charms to get 3 Mogu Runes. Those Mogu Runes will only be good for rolling on the 5.2 raid or World Bosses. Elder Charms won’t be going away, however, they will able to be acquired through item drops in the Thunder Isle outdoor zone for use in the 5.0 raids. So far the initial impressions from the community are what you may expect, a lot of hate and a lot of indifference. Most complaints are stating that the Valor cap is way too low.

In other news, you may recall that the cute and cuddly Cinder Kitten sales went to Sandy Relief last year. The result, 2.3 million bucks to help the American Red Cross for the relief effort. Well played Blizz for the gesture, and well played to all of the gamers who contributed to the cause.

Also, and probably most importantly, we can now acquire new hats via the Darkmoon Faire. You can either purchase it for 10 Darkmoon Prize Tickets or there is chance for it to drop during the Darkmoon dailies:

fireworksHat1Source: MMO Champion