313 – Dingalong the Dragon Man


Our revered team returns to the audio airways for all of your WoW-y information and entertainment. In doing so, Dills and/or Turpster continue to do their best to have everyone believe they are one person… this becoming a challenge for them, I mean him. On this episode of The Instance, we quest and raid in the thunder, Sim City smells like Diablo 3 with the always-on DRM server issues, ToT raid schedule released, no more slash follow in battlegrounds, heirloom shields will have to wait, Starcraft 2 day coming up really quick with Heart of the Swarm, forgetting what you’ve done in WoW (or wishing you had), your paladin did get something with 5.2, how the blind play WoW, and lots more!

Letters have come through the internet, even during off-hours and weekends, and our crew does their best to respond.  People need to know how we got all our gold, and how would permadeath work in WoW, especially in PvP. Getting that far without dying would seem to be a major accomplishment. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve seen the look of a man who lost a high level character in Diablo III to permadeath… it’s not pretty (some harsh language as you might expect).

Do you have questions? Be sure to email us at theinstance at gmail dot com or leave us a voice mail at (801) 471-0462 (Please note that this number has CHANGED)


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6 thoughts on “313 – Dingalong the Dragon Man

  1. Scott And Dills I am joining your guild! I am in AIE. My name Macaskill. WOW! Want to go dungeon with me?
    I am about level 67 now. Tell me your character level. Should I go to 90 to be with your main?

    We can play together when you are on dawghouse laptop sitting on toilet for very long time because of french fry and dry american hamburger foods.

    I still may send you korean foods if you want! email me place and I send some nice dried raw squid, korean laver, and some mok cha.

    I like all 3 of you on show. I hope tupster not drinking too much.

    Your Good friend in Korea,

    Toilet Bunny (Macaskill IN AIE)

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  6. Turpster may not do James Earl Jones well but he does sound exactly like Moss on IT Crowd. When he talks I just imagine that his desk is on fire and he tries to call the new emergency # 0118 999 881 999 119 725 3 but then has to send the fire department an email that says, “Dear Sir stroke Madam: Fire. Exclamation mark. Fire. Exclamation mark. Help me. Exclamation mark. 123 Clarandon Road. Looking forward to hearing from you. All the best, Turpster.”
    Long live Turpster Moss.

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