317 – The Hearthstone Files

The venerable Scott Johnson had the distinctive honor of sitting down with the Game Designer and Production Director of Hearthstone. Scott had put out the request for questions among the Instance community and you have all answered in fine style. Good times are to be had in this interview. If you’re at all interested in the upcoming Hearthstone game from Blizzard, this is a must listen. Enjoy!

Ben Brode

Ben Brode

Game Designer
Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

As one of the game designers for Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone™: Heroes of Warcraft™, Ben Brode is involved in all aspects of the design, including core gameplay design, card powers, balance, artwork selection, programming, and writing.

Brode joined Blizzard Entertainment in 2003, and during his tenure has served in numerous roles throughout the company. His first role was as a tester on Warcraft III, followed by a position in quality assurance on World of Warcraft®. Before joining the Hearthstone team, Brode was part of Blizzard’s creative development department, in charge of licensed products.

In his free time, Brode stays true to the rap game as an MC and beatboxer.


Jason ChayesJason Chayes

Production Director
Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

As Blizzard Entertainment’s production director for Hearthstone™: Heroes of Warcraft™, Jason Chayes is responsible for the management of the development team, including execution strategy, staffing, process development and ordering pizza when the team is hungry. In addition to providing support for the team, Chayes is also responsible for coordinating with other groups at Blizzard to ensure the delivery of the cross-team features necessary to support the launch of Hearthstone.

Chayes joined Blizzard Entertainment in 2008, and worked as a 3D artist in a prior life for The Walt Disney Company and Electronic Arts. Since joining Blizzard, Jason has also acted as lead producer for the Battle.net® team and helped out with the development of key features for StarCraft® II and Diablo® III.



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11 thoughts on “317 – The Hearthstone Files

  1. GREAT interview Scott! You should hit them up for interviews every other week until the beta is launched!

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  5. Hey you pooer! No cool warrior like me care about card game. How boring. Boring and baby game.
    I not even listening to podcast. Why not cover cooler thing?

    I hope you are ok.

    I am pooping very well. And you?

  6. Is this just an interview cast? or is the interview added to a normal cast?
    Im not interested if it is just the interview..

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  11. I really like your Pod casts, but man, you really need to work on your interview skills. Everysingle question you ask, you prompt the interviewees with your own answer for first. You dont know the answers. just ask the questions. you shouldn’t be putting your own opinion or assumptions about the answer in the question.

    Anyway. I like your work, just some critique to help your show. Keep up the good work.

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