318 – A Date with Blizzcon


On this non-April Fools episode of The Instance, Blizzcon Tickets are going up for sale and soon, the Hearthstone roundup from earlier this week, April Fools was a bust at Blizzard, Throne of Thunder gets bigger for LFR players, Titan has a few leaks, why the blood elves are due, and why the others just don’t cut it, and lots more!

The proliferation of “free-to-play” has seeped into all aspects of gaming on any platform. With the addition of Hearthstone, Blizzard would seem to be simply be joining the masses in an attempt to nickle and dime their players, or are they? Are there too many free-to-play games out there? Our team shall give us the answers to these questions from on high, and more!

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6 thoughts on “318 – A Date with Blizzcon

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  2. Im let my subscription run out. i play guild wars 2 now. my warrior dps is terrible. in guildwars 2 i can make glass cannon and do really cool crit and dps.

    I made warrior on your home world and join your guild but you never say hi to me. i dont think i was in ur guild guild. to many guilds of ur guild.

    i hate WOW wrecked my dps after 70+expansion no execute good.

    i will shoot fart at ghostcrawler at pizza hut. also im mad u don make show this weekend. thats ook i guess you are on ur toilet with dawghouse laptop playing your dps hunter.

    next time eat some health kim chee wellbeing foods for your pooing.

    have nice weeked scott- dont let tupster eat many fish and chip

    ur friend,

    Toilet Bunny

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  5. That dk call was hilarious. Thanks for the great show, and pick me for the contest! xoxo

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