319 – Heroic Less (Is More)


On this episode of The Instance, what ever happened to Dungeons and Heroic Scenarios, there are some tweets that shed light on that subject, 5.3 and the Battle of Razor Hill on the PTR, a good gnome movie and loads more! Also, you may recall some debate regarding the world-first 90 character, which Blizzard eventually rebuffed and forced him back down to 87. This week Blizzard overturned that decision with apologies to the player and anyone affected by this, discussion shall be had!

Our listening audience are an inquisitive bunch, and our team pretends to have answers, and this week we will endeavor to continue to fake our knowledge. Shall there be loot cards in Hearthstone? How does one gem a DK (from an actual DK)? What is the 13th floor?! (dun dun dun!) How does one deal with alts and heroics? All of this and lots more!

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36 thoughts on “319 – Heroic Less (Is More)

  1. Love the Instance! Keep up the great work, and my love goes out to Dills and his family!

  2. Could you post the link to the gnomes video you mentioned as well as the photo of the creature pack?

  3. Hello

    Gnomes .. where is the link man ^.° give it to us pls .. or we wount let this be unpunished !!! 😀

    kiddin °^° .. more shows !

  4. I loved your guys idea of the Goblin Merchant with the party in a box idea. Though I will admit there is something about going into an LFG. Sometimes you just find that one solid group and you keep running a few dungeons with em. Love the show, keep up the great work and I can’t wait for Friday!

  5. For people not familiar with your site and links to other sites and forums, could you post the link where we enter our information for the chance to win the murlocs? I’ve tried to quit WoW (a hundred times or so) and every time I do, I find I pick up WoW products instead, and my daughter loves playing with these lego-like wow characters. Thanks!

  6. Great Show, Its your show that brought me back to Wow, after the Post-Cata Cataclysmic Lull. Thanks and No Thanks. Love The Show.
    Me wants FreeBie WOW Goodies.. 😀

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  8. Great, great show been listening to you for as long as I can remeber! I must of missed the machinima vid link for Gnomes by robtide (sp?). That going to be updated in the show notes?

  9. Love the show, and to the DK voice over that was just EPIC!
    Also, that megablock set would be awesome for my 7 year old little brother who plays wow (sorta) :)

    Keep up the work guys!!!

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  13. Paul, or anyone else looking these over…I know these may sound like noob questions…but where are the show notes? You keep saying you’ll put links to this youtube vid there, or this site here, but i have no idea where these notes are…since there never seems to be links to the things you mention in the little blurb below the cast photo of the week. As well, the blog you mention for the chance to win the murlocs (and secret character), is it here? I hate not being able to watch the show live, being at work and all….only got to watch it a few times. I was *ahem, hrumm, sick* those times. Hope you can answer my questions.

  14. HIII BERDUM! Huge fan of all things frogpants! Everyone on the network does an outstanding job! Wish my scrote could make it out for Nerdtacular, but alas, limited vacation time and its right around the time for the wedding anniversary. Love them frankfurters though!

    Also, one of them there mega blocks sets would look fantastic on my super cluttered desk 😛

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  16. Great show, guys! Bad luck with all of the sound problems this week, but I’m sure that will clear up for next show. :)

  17. The show is great. Even when I don’t have time to play much, I look forward to listening every week.

  18. I heard you say you would have the entry for the Merlok Megablocks on your blog.. But where is the blog?

  19. What was the name of the card game they were talking about that is like hearthstone?

  20. Well, I guess I’ma gonna takes ma chances and leave my comment here re: the Megabloks Giveaway. It would be really cool to win those, I think they’d look awesome on my desk as I’m playing. They would be my “stuffed” prey from battles fought long ago.


  21. Here’s hoping this is the spot to enter the Mega Bloks contest! Love the show, thanks!


  22. You guys are awesome! I love the show. It is nice to hear about WoW and it not be just about raiding and strategy. Plus, you guys crack me up. Keep up the great work you do. Prayers to Dills and his family.

  23. I pooed very well when listen to show! But I am eating many Korean foods that are so good for my well being. Tupster Scoot and Diller are not so good I am thinking he eats fish and chip and you eat american potato- but you must be having hard time. I hoping Dills so happy to forget of uncle maybe he may make charater with his name as a great tribute. Is his uncle priest or hunter? Maybe his uncle is more a paladin hero.

    I am fatter these days. I do not want megablocks. but if you give them to me I amy sell them for kimchi foods here.
    I may resubsribe… but why should I. my warrior was hit like poop hed fatty. Execute is not like when it was at the Burning Crusade peak. now it is poopy cute



    that is what EXECUTE is now.

    I hate my warrior now. also I join your guild my guy is:


    I is blood elf warrior… in your guild

    want to play with me or not?

    If you promise to spend some time playin with me (I is like level 67 or so ) I will resub

    but really game is kinda dum and my warrior is pooping his pants like he is full of american hamburger.

    I like korean burger burger though too.

    so yes Tupster is funny. soory you can not poo so good. Let me know your address I send you Korean food from korea- I promise it is good. email me

    Thanks for the funny broadcast

    your friend

    Toilet Bunny

  24. Ahhh I love this show! I listen to it every week, when it happens. You guys rock, I thoroughly enjoy your voices lol. Is this the right place to throw my hat in for those megablocks?!

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